Pillsbury Just Launched Hot Cocoa Rolls — And The Icing Is Marshmallow

by Brittany Bennett

Pumpkin spice has soaked up its time in the spotlight. Now that all the leaves have left the trees bare, it's time for another flavor to take center stage. When winter blows in, it's all about chocolate. Hot cocoa to be exact. Melted into our mugs and recreated as as many treats as possible. Lucky for us, Pillsbury Grand! Hot Cocoa Rolls are back in stock, just in time to warm us up.

You're probably familiar with this blissful winter feeling: It's dumping snow outside your window. You've snuggled your feet into wool socks and tucked yourself into sweatpants. There's a new Netflix series that you're breezing through. And what's keeping you toasty is not the roaring fireplace — or more realistically — the wall of candles on the coffee table, not the pile of flannel blankets, but the large mug of steaming hot chocolate propped up on your lap. There's something about a smooth swig of chocolate and a chewy miniature marshmallow. It's such a fulfilling feeling that it'll make you forget there's a summer to look forward to.

This hot cocoa appeal extends beyond the mug. Winter welcomes a slew of edible delights. And they're all trying hot cocoa on for seasonal size.

Whether you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in the early morning with a side of orange juice or after a savory dinner, the Pillsbury Grand! Hot Cocoa Rolls are now reporting for duty. The limited time tub of rolls was spotted on the shelves of Target by Instagrammer JunkFoodAdventures. The beautiful, flannel wrapped packaging clues us in on what to expect when the rolls ~rise~ to the occasion.

According to the Pillsbury website, each container produces 5 rolls. They are swirled with a cocoa filling and come complete with a marshmallow icing, because obviously. As for the taste? This isn't your typical cinnamon roll.

In fact, according to the blog Junk Banter there's no cinnamon flavor or scent to be detected at all. Just straight up, ever enchanting cocoa. And you'll fall so hard for the icing, you might want to meet it under the mistletoe. Junk Banter writes, "Marshmallow icing is provided in great quantity, and it’s killer. The taste isn’t that of Swiss Miss mini marshmallows – the kind you’re likely to put in your hot chocolate. No, no, Pillsbury summoned something more magical for this cup of cocoa. The icing tastes wonderfully of Lucky Charms marshmallows." Well, consider me out the door and on my way to stock up on enough of these to last me through spring!

Don't worry, if you aren't seeing these rolls in your local Target or grocer yet, there are other ways to keep warm until they are on shelves. And I'm not talking about a knitted blanket. Target is the exclusive home to Hot Cocoa M&Ms. What makes them so special (besides being, I don't know, HOT COCOA) is their balanced flavor.

Per Bustle's own Emma Lord, "This M&M will be milk chocolate-based on the outside, but filled with a white chocolate marshmallow-flavored center, giving it that distinctive 'hot cocoa' taste. Rather than multicolor, the candies will be marshmallow and chocolate-colored on the outside." If you want to get meta with it, stir a packet of these into a cup of hot cocoa.

There are many ways to stay warm this winter. Sweaters, blankets, flannel sheets, wool socks, fireplaces. But, in my humble opinion, I think a large tray of ripe from the oven Pillsbury Grand! Hot Cocoa Rolls will warm you up the quickest. If only because they'll also warm the heart.