'House Of Cards' Season 5 Will Be An Escape From Real World Politics

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As it gears up to make it's highly anticipated return to Netflix on May 30, Season 5 of House of Cards will continue to prove that it's more of an escape from real world politics than it is a reminder, according to cast members, Neve Campbell and Michael Kelly.

When asked about her thoughts on the show, given today's tumultuous social climate, Campbell, who plays political consultant LeeAnn Harvey, shared her feeling that fans may actually take solace in the fact that HoC is not real. She says that present politics really habe no bearing on whether or not fans will tune-in to watch. She explained,

"I don't think it's going to affect whether the fans of this show are still going to want to tune in. I haven't met a fan who has said, 'Oh, I don't think I'm going to bother this year.' What you usually get is, 'I can't wait for the next season. When's it coming out?' If anything, it'll be a nice escape."

Much like Campbell, Kelly who plays the role of Doug Stamper, President Underwood's ever-loyal chief of staff, believes that the show could prove to be an escape from the reality of today's governance. Totally backing his co-star's logic, he pointed out,

"To your children or to your wife or women's rights or all the other appalling things that are happening in this administration. We're fun and make believe and it's dark and it's crazy as hell, but it's make believe. I think it'll be a nice escape."

Kelly even admits to using the show as his own source of entertainment escapism in real life, explaining his role as a fan of the web-streamed series. He went on to share a tidbit about his own "obsession" with the popular Netflix drama.

"I know, myself, I can't tune out all this political information. I'm taking it all in every single day. I'm obsessed with it. House Of Cards, I'm a fan of the show, I will watch it and it will be a nice escape for me, so I'm hoping it's the same for the fans."

In light of the state of current politics, it goes without saying that both Campbell and Kelly make quite compelling points. I mean, tuning into House of Cards definitely beats the real-life saga that we are confronted with when we turn our channels to CNN, or any news channel for that matter, these days.

No matter how dark and grimy the political climate on Cards may get – and as fans already know – President Underwood's world can get pretty grimy, there are no real world consequences to be considered, which gives fans like myself the much-needed opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy the short-lived escape from reality.