We Asked 6 People How They’re Celebrating Pride While Social Distancing

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Just because COVID has resulted in the cancellation of IRL Pride events across the globe doesn't mean that LGBTQ folks won't still come out en masse in June. Pride Month's history is filled with Black and brown trans people finding creative ways to protest and dismantle oppressive systems. It seems only appropriate that during the pandemic, LGBTQ folks have to get creative about celebrating Pride while practicing social distancing.

Bustle spoke to six LGBTQ people about their plans for Pride 2020.

Attending Virtual #BlackLivesMatter Protests

I've been doing Pride by attending virtual protests like the #KidLit Rally For Black Lives. Pride has always been by and for queer people of color, so I think one of the most appropriate ways to show up for Pride Month is to show up for #BLM events. — Anonymous, 21

Going To Any Event You Want — Even If You're Not Out

I don't have to figure out what lie I'm going to tell my parents or risk them finding out by seeing a picture of me at a local Pride event. I can just plug my headphones into my phone for a virtual event and for all they know, I'm watching Netflix. — Anonymous, 19

Getting More Access To Pride Events

In person, Pride events are great, but they're also really overstimulating physically and emotionally. There usually aren't any places to pause and sit down, and heat and noise levels just get to be so much. But with everything online, as long as an event has consistent captioning and interpretation services with flashing light warnings, I can attend anything I want. I don't even have to have my camera on. — Kayla, 26

Going To Pride Events Outside Of Your Zip Code

Pride Toronto is hosting Rangeela, a queer South Asian dance party, virtual style, at the end of June. Am I in Toronto? Nope. Does it matter? Nope. I can 'go' see the performances anyway. — Anonymous, 22

Baking All The Rainbow Cookies (And Sharing Them)

I've been baking rainbow cookies and dropping them off at my friends' doors. — Anonymous, 22

Just... Resting

Existing. I'm existing. That's basically what I've got to offer right now. But I guess sometimes surviving is enough, and this is just one of those times for me. — Maggie, 29

Spending (Virtual) Time With Found Family

I love who I am, and I love my community, but I'm just a quiet anti-capitalist queer who would rather host a dinner at home with found family. So I guess that's what I'm doing for Pride: being with the people I love, even if it's through a screen. — Les, 32

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