How Booking A More Expensive Airplane Ticket Can Actually Save You Money

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For many of us, travel is a luxury that's only attainable through a combination of sales, deals and promotions, meaning, it's a subjective possibility at best. Though sometimes the sound of an airfare ticket sale might seem extra alluring (when you're trying to travel on the cheap), it's often not the best value. According to The Points Guy's 2019 airline report, airline ticket inclusions often make a full-priced ticket more valuable. Aka, saving a few bucks on a ticket price might not save you more money than a full-price ticket that comes with a free meal, or other accommodations that you'd have to otherwise pay for.

What's more, some full-price ticket inclusions go as far as to cover the cost of traveling with a child, or giving you access to an airport lounge. These kinds of inclusions can save you far more money (and hassle) than however much money you'd save on a flash sale. That said, these kinds of equations aren't totally intuitive. Saving a few hundred dollars on a ticket price will totally save you more money than getting a free meal, so you'll have to run the numbers for each offer.

So, before you book your next trip, enticed by a very low ticket price, make sure you check out the inclusions and do the math. What you might find, Summer Hull of The Points Guy tells Bustle, is that it's not always worth it to jump on that sale, because for what you save in one area, you'll spend more in another. Here are some amazing inclusions that come with some airline's full-priced tickets, according to Hull: