How Bustle Editors Are Wearing Their Winter Parkas

Cold weather presents some real style challenges. From navigating icy sidewalks in brand-new booties to choosing your end-all, be-all coat to rule all coats (it needs to be warm, comfy, and match all the winter looks), there are endless sartorial obstacles to conquer. Good news is, we have at least one of those problems solved.

Enter: the winter parka! In partnership with Abercrombie & Fitch, we asked a handful of well-dressed Bustle staffers to style one of the season's most practical trending looks for a blustery day in Central Park. From classic cashmere sweaters and retro-influenced skirts to utilitarian overalls and color-blocking, here are a few ideas for how to wear the winter parka with plenty of personality.


Jenna's pick: Ultra Parka, $240,

How do you personalize your winter style? Because chillier weather means more layers, I see the season as an opportunity to play with different textures and silhouettes. I typically go for polished pieces with a little twist — like a cropped cut or atypical material.

What made you pick this parka? Over the years I've learned to stick to a palette I can mix and match – which for me, tends to be a lot of black, grey, and denim. A statement color can be fun, but a classic piece like this will always get the most wear if it fits into that scheme. Plus, the neutral fur keeps it feeling extra plush and not too monotone.

Tell us how you styled your look: I paired this parka with cropped wool plaid pants, some super chunky lace-up boots, and a soft black turtleneck. Comfy and warm for a day running around the park, but put-together enough for a fun dinner afterwards.

How else might you style this piece? This parka is super versatile. I could pop it on over jeans and an oversized sweater or even over my workout gear to get from the office to a barre class.


Austin's pick: Mens Ultra Parka, $280,; Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, $150,; Straight Jeans, $78;

How do you personalize your winter style? I really enjoy wearing a variety of sweaters! Whether it's a refined turtleneck or a vintage cardigan, I try to express my mood for the day through the ensemble I choose that morning.

What made you pick this parka? I love the versatility of the navy blue. It goes with everything! The down lining in the collar is so warm, and the fur hood trim makes me feel beyond luxe.

Tell us how you styled your look: I really like to rock a turtleneck. I wear them to the office, out to dinner, and even during a chilly night out. This and the straight-legged jeans make for a sharp outfit that can transition from the start to the end of my day.

How else might you style this piece? This parka is so versatile. I can imagine myself pairing it with a comfy flannel shirt with cuffed jeans or even a bold patterned dress shirt and black, skinny suit pants. Seriously, you can throw it on top of any outfit on a cold day and that's a major reason to love it!


Audrey's pick: Sherpa Military Jacket, $200,

How do you personalize your winter style? Since you can't help but layer up this time of year, I try to get personality in through fun color combinations and accessories.

What made you pick this parka? Pink, pink, pink! It's pink and fluffy. I was sold.

Tell us how you styled your look: I definitely decided to commit to pink with this outfit. I went with a bubblegum pink turtleneck and classic jeans to balance it out.

How else might you style this piece? I could so see myself throwing this on over my weekend uniform: black leggings, a cozy, chunky sweater and warm boots. Because it's pink, it automatically adds a little something to the mix.


Sierra's pick: Expedition Parka, $260,; Plaid Mini Skirt, $48,

How do you personalize your winter style? Layering is key. My winter style is all about finding ways to stay warm, but not having to sacrifice my personal style to do so! I like finding statement jackets that are both stylish and functional.

What made you pick this parka? I picked this parka because I love its bright yellow color — and because, like the name of the jacket implies, it has a really cool "I'm about to go on an epic expedition" feel. Definitely my vibe.

Tell us how you styled your look: Because it isn't too unbearably cold in NYC yet, I decided to wear this jacket with a really fun plaid skirt, tights, some chunky boots, and the most quintessentially fall piece ever: a cozy black turtleneck.

How else might you style this piece? I definitely see myself wearing this jacket a lot this winter. On chillier days, I see myself pairing it with a sturdy pair of jeans and a chunky fleece sweater (I'm all about fleece right now).


Elly's pick: The A&F Cozy Parka, $200,; Slim Overalls,

How do you personalize your winter style? Keeping fun personal touches in your layering (whether it's a pop of color or an unexpected piece) is the trick to keeping winter dressing fun, I think. Here, I went with overalls, which we don't see enough of in my opinion!

What made you pick this parka? This parka looked extra snuggly and really easy to match with any look. Because my main look is always underneath, keeping the coat versatile was important for me.

Tell us how you styled your look: My parka gave me a utilitarian vibe, so I kept that going with black overalls balanced out with a little pink layering. Fun boots with accent laces (pink again!) finished the look.

How else might you style this piece? I'd also throw this parka on over cropped blue jeans and a graphic tee with a colorful sneaker.

This post is sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch.

Photos: Lauren Perlstein; Hair and Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci; Senior Editor: Jenna Wexler.