How Bustle Editors Choose Their Go-To Fall Outerwear

Fall is the best season of all for making strong style moves (don't @ me). You're no longer sweating uncomfortably in the summer heat — at the mercy of breathable fabrics and non-existent breezes — but you're not yet sacrificing personal style for floor-length wearable sleeping bags. You're reuniting with rich textures like sherpa, denim, and velvet, and your transitional coats and jackets contribute to your look without totally overtaking it: fun and functional — the best of both worlds!

With all the luxe new outerwear options on the horizon, selecting your top picks can be a real challenge. In partnership with Abercrombie & Fitch, we tapped four trend-setting Bustle editors to get their take on the style conundrum. When faced with plenty of amazing options, how do they choose their go-to fall outerwear?


Jenna's pick: Long Wool-Blend Overcoat, $220,

Describe what you look for in fall outerwear: I love pieces that can layer easily and match a ton – which in my case, is a lot of black. I want pieces I can throw over a simple LBD as easily as I could my favorite jeans an a sweater.

What made you pick this look? I've always been a little intimidated by long coats, as they can overwhelm my frame — but this one worked into my wardrobe effortlessly with a slim cut and plaid print that feels seasonal while still adhering to my native *anti-palette.*

Tell us how you styled your look: To let this coat really be the hero, I wore it over my go-to black-on-black. The weather is still in transition, so I kept it kind of light with a cropped knit top, crepe pants, booties, and structured mini bag.

How else might you style this piece? This coat has a lot of potential in my fall arsenal. I can pair it with anything from jeans and a vintage tee to dressier evening looks. It's pretty timeless, which I love.


Elly's pick: Teddy Coat, $120,

Describe what you look for in fall outerwear: Your coat's the first part of your look people see, so I want mine to leave a strong impression. Whether that's through color, texture, or cozy-factor (or all three), I don't want my outerwear to just be an afterthought. If it's actually warm too, then that's a bonus!

What made you pick this look? I've been bingeing '60s and '70s rock 'n' roll documentaries lately, and all those larger-than-life looks have me reaching for pieces that aren't afraid of the spotlight. This pink teddy coat fit the bill perfectly.

Tell us how you styled your look: Fall is the season for all the textures, and I went all-in with the cuddly teddy coat leading the charge. A ruby-red corduroy jumper paired with velvet sequined booties made me feel like I was truly living the glam rock life.

How else might you style this piece? The wonderful thing about a big statement coat is that it's not trying to fit in — you can pair it with literally anything, and it lends you an effortlessly cool vibe. But I'd also experiment with it over black skinny jeans and a tee, making it stand out even more.


Bry's pick: Sherpa Denim Jacket, $140,; Super Skinny Chino Pants, $68,

Describe what you look for in fall outerwear: I appreciate outerwear pieces that easily lend themselves to layering because you never know where NYC's weather will end up.

What made you pick this look? I love how versatile a great denim jacket is on its own, and this one's sherpa-lined collar makes it even more on-trend and warm for the season.

Tell us how you styled your look: I paired my denim jacket with pink chinos, a black and white striped button-down, and creepers.

How else might you style this piece? You can wear a denim jacket with literally anything, but next I'll throw this over a t-shirt, jeans, and lace-up boots.


Amanda's pick: Quilted Lightweight Jacket, $98;; High Rise Skinny Jeans, $78,

Describe what you look for in fall outerwear: I love to layer for fall, so the lightweight feel of this jacket is ideal for transitional weather. The maroon color also goes perfectly with a lot of my neutral tops and jeans. I love pieces that can add a pop of color on a cloudy, cozy day.

What made you pick this piece? My style is very simple and put-together: I like to feel comfortable, while also seeming intentional about the pieces I wear. I was really drawn toward the structured look of this jacket, and the quilted pattern also feels very traditional, which I love.

Tell us how you styled your look: To allow the jacket to pop, I paired it with my favorite black bodysuit and A&F jeans with a cool ankle slit. I also added some simple gold jewelry to tie the look together.

How else might you style this piece? I love to layer! I would wear this with a simple dress and tights or a turtleneck and scarf.

Lauren Perlstein

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Photos: Lauren Perlstein; Hair and Makeup: Timothy Aylward; Senior Editor: Jenna Wexler.