How Celebrities Looked On 'TRL' Vs. How They Look Now

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Kids these days will never know the joy of coming home from school and turning on the TV to tune into MTV's Total Request Live, aka TRL. It first debuted in 1999 and it was the greatest thing to have ever happened to the music channel. What more could teenagers ask for than a music countdown show that also featured some of the biggest stars of the time? If you're feeling nostalgic, let's take a moment to look at how celebrities looked on TRL vs. how they look now.

As it goes with most decades, at the time you probably thought what the following actors and musicians wore was so on point that you tried to recreate their looks in the most affordable way possible. Well, once you take a scroll through these slides, you're going to question your style choices in the late '90s and '00s.

Even though many years have passed since these TRL appearances, many of these celebrities actually look the same. You know, save for some really bad hair and style choices. Plus, some of the celebs were super young back then.

Times have truly changed. With that, act like you just ran off the school bus straight into your house so you don't miss one second of TRL and scroll through these then vs. now slides.

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