'Girls Trip' Brings This Sex Trend Back With A Bang

Universal Pictures

There are many lessons to be learned from Girls Trip, the new R-rated comedy about four best friends who decide to go all out for a New Orleans vacation. But, perhaps one of the most shocking lessons is the Girls Trip tutorial on how to grapefruit. That's right, I used grapefruit as a verb, and, yes, it will make sense in a moment. Grapefruiting is essentially a blow job traditionally involving a grapefruit, a blindfold, and at least one man. If this sounds scandalous to you, then buckle your seatbelt, because just wait until you hear how common grapefruiting really is.

Contrary to what you might think, Girls Trip did not invent grapefruiting. In fact, the technique has been circulating the interwebs since at least 2014, when sexpert Auntie Angel released a video detailing how to grapefruit. (You can learn all the R-rated details about grapefruiting here.) Naturally, this being America, the video went viral. "I felt like she was stealing moves from me, because I've been doing that since, you know, 2002," joked Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish in an interview with Essence. We may never know who really invented grapefruiting, but one thing's for sure: Auntie Angel definitely brought it to the mainstream. Even Bustle's own Gabrielle Moss tried her hand at grapefruiting after the video debuted in 2014. One imagines grapefruits were selling out at local grocery stores in record numbers.

It's hard to know exactly how common grapefruiting really is. Organizations don't exactly conduct polls about sex acts like they do presidential elections. Sure, it went viral a few years ago, but that doesn't mean everybody saw Auntie Angel's video. Case in point: star Jada Pinkett Smith had to explain the technique to Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "This is a real thing," Smith said on the talkshow. "People will ask you, 'have you been grapefruited?'"

Girls Trip has been touted as a hard-R comedy, meaning it's unabashedly raunchy, and so however common grapefruiting was before Girls Trip, it's about to become a craze all over again. So, get ready to grab a partner and invest in some extra fresh produce, because grapefruiting is about to take over the world — again.