'Girls Trip' May Be Your Next Girls' Night Out Movie

by S. Atkinson

Ready for a viewing experience that's a little sweet and a little gross with a whole lot of heart? Then you're going to want to check out the new Girls Trip trailer. If you give it just two and a half minutes of your time, you may just find yourself convinced that this could be your next girls' night out movie for the summer when it drops on July 21.

But, what seems so special about this movie? Based on the trailer, it's realistic. Wacky comedies are great and all, but sometimes you've had your fill of quirky superhero teams and car stunt-driving movies and you just want something relatable. Four women who went to college together, attended each other's weddings, but who have since been separated by the trials and tribulations of adult life (working that high-pressure office job, navigating the pressures of a long-term relationship, etc.) is surely a story plenty of us can see ourselves in. There's just nothing quite like your bond with your best friends; you may grow apart, but you always have each other's backs at the end of the day.

And we've needed more movies like this. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion took a similar approach to the much under-appreciated art form that is the women-having-a-night-out movie, reuniting two best friends for their high school reunion with hilarious results. Or even TV episodes have tackled this topic — what will ever surpass Sex and the City's addition to the genre, "The Post-It Always Sticks Twice"?

The best moments of being a grown-up aren't necessarily about the adult stuff like acquiring your own home or car, or getting that promotion, or moving in with your partner — or even about having your life together. It's actually about those moments of chaos that you can only have around women you've known long enough to be a hot mess around. After all, nobody wants to ask that friend they've made at yoga class two weeks ago to hold their hair back when they puke all over their new shoes. That's for long-term friends only.

And you'll see a similar experience in the trailer, that of a group of friends witnessing one another's vulnerability — something which is only vaguely bearable when done with old friends. This is seen, of course, in the seriously amazing gross-out comedy scene where a zip-line attempt after drinking too much leads to a precarious peeing moment, when the group attempts to stop all the rubberneckers below from taking pictures of the incident. But you can also see this in a more serious moment, when one of the group discovers her partner has been unfaithful.

And it's all of this which suggests Girls Trip won't just be a fun, happy-clappy, but ultimately forgettable movie about a group of women partying. It doesn't just look funny, but emotionally resonant. And what could be more relatable than that?