Meet Your Next Favorite Reality Show About An Adorably Huge Family

by Kayla Hawkins
Zach Dilgard/USA Network

A new USA series will give a peek into the lives of NFL player Antonio Cromartie, his wife Terricka, and their six children. The Cromarties premieres Nov. 9 and gives a new face to the "gigantic family" genre of reality shows. (Antonio has fathered 14 children total, so this is a blended situation.) In their series, The Cromarties will explain how this couple became domestic superheroes, but how Antonio and Terricka Cromartie meet?

In 2010, Cromartie told ESPN that he was turning over a new leaf by marrying Terricka. "Marriage makes me think more of my family and providing for my family," he said. "I have a great, supporting wife. She's by my side, day in, day out. I've learned that you need a supporting cast in life." Before that, his family struggles reportedly affected his acquisition by the New York Jets. According to ESPN, the Jets gave Cromartie an advance on his salary to cover outstanding child support payments. The player also drew some negative attention after an unfortunate Hard Knocks appearance where he appeared to forget the names of some of his children. But it seems as though he's recommitted to being a present and responsible for this family, and Cromartie gives his wife all the credit.

While Cromartie was playing for the NFL, Terricka was a model and a reality star already, recurring on the series Candy Girls in 2009. Terricka's reality show experience actually isn't the family's only brush with potential TV fame, either. According to The New York Post, other women whose children Cromartie fathered wanted to make a Cromartie family reality series back in 2012, but reportedly, the Cromarties did not want to participate back then.

It doesn't seem as if the Cromarties have told the story of their first meeting publicly yet, but it's possible that it will be a part of the reality show that they're making on their own terms. It's reasonable to guess that Terricka and Antonio, being a model and a football player, respectively, may have met at a party or an event. But it's just as possible that they met in a supermarket or through friends.

However it happened, the Cromarties are still together and making their big, blended family (Terricka gave birth to their sixth biological child in September) happily work. Terricka captioned this throwback wedding photo, "still living this dream." A lot has changed for the couple since they got married in 2008, but their relationship seems as strong now as ever. Footage of the couple's first dance at their wedding also shows that not only are they totally in love, but they also have a good sense of humor about themselves. And that's probably even more key now that they have six kids to take care of every day. And viewers will get a chance to see how they find the time to focus on each other, even with six kids in the house.

News about their large family still tends to dominate coverage of the celebrity couple, but that's something that they hope to change by filming The Cromarties together. "I think we’re very misjudged from the outside looking in," Terricka told InTouch Weekly. "I just wanted to showcase how relatable we are, how blended families do work and, you know, regardless of your circumstances, you can still be successful in your family life."

In addition to their hectic and loving family life, the series will also be showcasing how Antonio and Terricka's circumstances might actually mirror other couples'. "We finally found the project that will showcase our reality in a real light, showcase our children and show how our family really functions," Terricka told US Weekly. So get ready to learn a lot more about this unusual family when Meet The Cromarties premieres.