Everything You Need To Remember About The OG '90210' Before The Reboot

by Marenah Dobin

With the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast returning for the reboot, BH90210, fans are nostalgic for the good ol' days. But the end of the original series happened all the way back in 2000. During the original Beverly Hills, 90210 series finale, everything wrapped up nicely for the main characters (who were still on the show), but now the drama is starting back up again. So what did happen back in the day? It's hard for even the most dedicated fans to remember.

Well, it was a two-part finale that culminated with Tori Spelling's Donna Martin finally marrying her longtime love David Silver, played by Brian Austin Green. Every cast member who was still on the show at the time were on hand to celebrate David and Donna's big day. And so were some beloved cast members who had departed.

Tiffani Thiessen returned as Valerie Malone to spice things up at the bachelorette party, for example. Luke Perry's Dylan McKay was back on the scene for yet another love triangle with Kelly Taylor, who was played by Jennie Garth, throughout the show's entire run. Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) was a part of the wedding festivities as well.

It all ended with Donna, David, Dylan, Kelly, Steve, and Janet enjoying a group hug on the dance floor at the reception. Nevertheless, there was a lot that went down during the two-part finale. Let's take a look back on how things ended up for the main characters.

Brenda Walsh


By the time the show came to a close, Shannen Doherty's Brenda Walsh had been gone from the show since the end of Season 4.

Brandon Walsh


Jason Priestly sort of appeared on the finale episode when Brandon Walsh sent video messages congratulating David and Donna on their upcoming marriage. This was in the pre-FaceTime era, so he sent a VHS tape to be played at their bachelor and bachelorette parties. What a time to be alive.

David Silver & Donna Martin


At the start of the finale, Donna contemplated David's marriage proposal and told him that she still had to think about it. He tried to convince her by digging "I love Donna" into the sand at the beach. She ended up asking him to marry her and they tied the knot at the end of Part 2.

Kelly Taylor


Kelly went through the most ups and downs during that last episode. Her fiancé Matt previously donated his sperm to help his brother Patrick conceive a child. When Patrick died, Matt contemplated becoming the child's father instead of an uncle. Kelly dumped Matt when she realized she couldn't fight her feelings for Dylan. During the breakup talk, Matt admitted to sleeping with Amy in the desert and Kelly was even more confident in her decision to split.

At Donna and David's wedding reception, Matt showed up and told Kelly that she was making the right choice and that Dylan was the one for her. Kelly caught the bouquet and ended up dancing the night away with Dylan.

Dylan McKay


Aside from rekindling his flame with Kelly, Dylan confided in David that he secretly completed college classes and was about to graduate. He wanted to keep it a secret, but David ended up telling Kelly about Dylan's achievement.

Steve Sanders & Janet Sosna


After selling the newspaper The Beat, Steve Sanders was a stay-at-home dad with his daughter Maddie, who he shared with Janet Sosna. Janet was offered the editor position at a magazine called Nouveau. Steve and Janet were at odds because she wanted to spend more time with their daughter. Meanwhile, he missed his career. Steve proposed starting their own magazine at an office space with enough space for Maddie to play so they can both be fulfilled personally and professionally.

Andrea Zuckerman


Andrea didn't have a storyline during the two-part finale, but she did reveal that her daughter Hannah was the star short-stop on her t-ball team.

Valerie Malone


Valerie did not get much screentime during the series finale, but she showed up just in time to spice up Donna's boring bachelorette party. She walked in with condoms in hand, leaving her troublemaker tendencies in the past.

Noah Hunter


Noah considered moving away for a sailing opportunity, but he changed his mind to stay back in the 90210 to be with his girlfriend Ellen. He did not attend the wedding, even though he helped the couple with various aspects of planning the event.

Gina Kincaid


Gina joined the show as Donna's cousin in Season 9, only to find out that they actually shared the same father, Dr. John Martin. Gina did not make it to David and Donna's last minute wedding, with Donna sharing that the former ice skater got a job as a commentator for Fox Sports in New York and has to work on the weekends.

Nat Bussichio


Since Donna's father passed away, she asked Peach Pit owner Nat if he would walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Of course, he happily obliged.

Emily Valentine


Emily Valentine was not referenced in the series finale, but she will be a part of the revival. She was last seen on a Season 5 episode, when she and Brandon almost hooked up the same night his then-girlfriend Kelly was burned in a fire.

Jim & Cindy Walsh


Brenda and Brandon's parents were not mentioned in the finale, but they were series regulars until Season 5. Eventually, Jim received a promotion and they moved to Hong Kong. If they had more notice, they probably would have attended David and Donna's wedding.

The series finale gave the beloved characters a lot of closure. Now, that's all out the window because, well, who wants to watch a drama-free reboot. It will be very interesting to see how the crew's lives have changed since the end of the original show.