Christmas Endured A Possibly Game-Ending Injury On 'Big Brother 19'

Sonja Flemming'CBS

Big Brother 19 may go down as the season with the most accidental twists ever — and the houseguests have only been together for a week. The latest unexpected event in the house comes in the form of an injury that may sideline one of the show's most popular and athletic houseguests. Live feed viewers saw Christmas lay down in the backyard and inform the producers that she had broken her foot. This led fans to suspect that she may have to be the third person to leave Big Brother 19 before the end of the first week. How did Christmas break her foot, and does this mean she'll have to exit the game early?

Christmas Abbott entered the house with a sizable Instagram fanbase and has been popular with viewers so far. This popularity hasn't helped her stay safe, though, as she's been a nominee for eviction twice in the show's first week. As if her first week in the house wasn't difficult enough, Christmas has now sustained a serious foot injury that has resulted in her being escorted out of the house for medical care. The live feeds didn't cut to Christmas as she broke her foot, only showing her as she was lying on the ground in the backyard asking for help. She was assisted by Jason for a while before she told producers that "I seriously broke my foot. Not a twisted ankle. Nothing else. I f*cking broke my foot."

From what other houseguests said on the feeds after being taken away, fans like r/bigbrother user xenshannie managed to piece together the events that led to Christmas' injury and the specifics of her fall. Apparently, she and Jason were having fun in the backyard and decided that Jason carrying Christmas around on his back would be a fun way to pass the time. Unfortunately, Jason slipped, causing them to fall.

Houseguests also discussed seeing nurses attending to Christmas in the backyard, and being told that Christmas would be allowed entry back into the house if she needed to go to the hospital for treatment. After a few hours of no one knowing what would happen to her, she re-entered the house on crutches and explained that she had torn some ligaments and would have to return to the hospital for an MRI to better determine her injuries and how she could heal.

Christmas' injury isn't just a damper on her summer in the Big Brother house, it also throws a major wrench in her exercise routine. The fitness superstar will have to adjust her fitness training to work around being on crutches. A broken foot is a major obstacle to work around, and especially in a house that is basically designed to be one giant obstacle. According to MedlinePlus, Christmas' healing process could take anywhere from two weeks to eight months.

While Christmas is still figuring out the details of her injuries and what her healing process may look like, there's a chance that she'll be asked to recover at home if she's evicted this coming week. It has yet to be seen whether or not the houseguests will evict her to tend to her injury or if the injury will garner sympathy and get people to vote for Christmas to stay. No matter what happens in the game, here's hoping that Christmas has a nice and speedy recovery and can continue growing her fitness social media empire, whether it's inside or outside of the Big Brother house.