This Danny Ocean Spoiler In The 'Ocean's 8' Trailer Will Make You Question Everything

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Beyond giving a full look at its all-women cast in action, the first Ocean's 8 trailer also drops a pretty big bombshell about an important member of the all-male Ocean's crew. It appears that George Clooney's character Danny Ocean is dead in Ocean's 8. And the question now, of course, is how did Danny Ocean die? Or, maybe, more accurately, is Danny actually dead?

In the trailer for the spin-off, you see Sandra Bullock — who just so happens to play Danny's estranged sister Debbie Ocean — drinking a martini in front of a marble headstone. Look close, and you'll see its Danny's headstone, with the dates "1961 - 2018" etched into it. Of course, the trailer doesn't give much more away about his demise, but it appears Danny's death might have a connection to the heist Debbie is planning. Especially since James Corden shows up to say that revenge makes this particular job a win-win for Debbie.

After being released from jail, Debbie returns to civilian life ready to take down the Met Gala; she and her fabulous crew, which includes Mindy Kaling, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, and Helena Bonham Carter are planning to rob the star-studded NYC event. Well, they plan to specifically steal the $150 million necklace that starlet Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) is wearing. It's a job that rivals anything her brother did, which is why it's hard to believe this isn't somehow in his honor.

After all, when asked why she has to do this job, Debbie responds, "because it's what I'm good at." Apparently, pulling off crazy heists runs in her family, and she's looking to make hers proud.

Let's be honest, though. It's a little hard to believe that Danny Ocean is really dead. Sure, it's a hazard of the job, but it's hard to imagine that the Ocean's franchise, which was rebooted by Steven Soderbergh in 2001 (the original, starring Frank Sinatra, was released in 1960), would just kill off its lead character off screen. Especially when that character is played by a huge star like Clooney, who also happens to be a producer on Ocean's 8.

If you needed another clue that Danny's death might not be permanent, just look at Debbie's expression when she sits looking at her brother's tomb. Debbie seems rather nonchalant about the fact that her brother is gone, ever so ceremoniously dropping an olive into her martini that is clearly shaken, not stirred. That smirk before she takes a sip of that martini almost makes you wonder if she should be sipping the tea instead, as if she knows something we don't know yet.

This is all to say that we shouldn't be surprised if, before the film is done, we find out the truth about Danny, and it's that he's not actually dead. After all, deception is his game, and he's pulled off some doozies before. Why wouldn't he try to fake his own death to go and live a quiet life with Tess?

Even better, if Danny's not really dead it leaves room for Clooney to make a cameo in this film, out June 8, 2018. To be fair, the movie already has plenty of them. Clooney's Ocean's co-star Matt Damon, who played Linus Caldwell, already confirmed to Collider that he has a "quick, little cameo" in the film. "I'm there for exposition," he said.

People reported that Kim Kardashian will appear in Ocean's 8, along with her little sister, Kendall Jenner, as well as Zayn Malik, Katie Holmes, Hailey Baldwin, and Olivia Munn, who told Entertainment Weekly that it actually cost her money to appear in Ocean's 8. “They’re like, ‘Do your own glam,’ and I got the dress and all that. And then you submit the bills for it because I’m part of your movie," she said. "And then they’re [the producers] like, ‘Oh no, the bills come right back to you.'"

Well, fans will soon find out whether losing his life is the price Danny Ocean paid to be a part of Ocean's 8. However, I would never bet against Danny, who has a habit of surprising anyone who dares to doubt his capabilities as a con man. Faking his own death would certainly being his biggest con yet.