How Did Eric Andre & Rosario Dawson Meet? They've Been Connected For Months

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There may or may not be a new celebrity couple now making headlines. Based on many, many photos shared on social media by the two for Valentine's Day, it appears that Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre are dating. All of this remains unconfirmed, and a decent amount of people are still unconvinced that the they are a legit couple, despite the supposed duo trying to convince everyone otherwise. Whether this is just some big elaborate joke or not, they are certainly connected in some way, so let's discuss just that and try to figure out how Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre met.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a solid answer for where, when, and how the actor and comedian met, but Andre and Dawson have been linked for several months now. In December 2016, the Daily Telegraph reported both celebs were spotted in Sydney, Australia at a club.

The outlet also shared a photo of the two, where The Eric Andre Show star had his arm around Dawson. Obviously, that does not prove they are a couple, but romance speculation seems to surely flourish when it comes to any kind of physical contact between celebrities. Also last December, the Daily Mail reported that there was "months of speculation" that The Defenders actor and Andre have been an item for awhile now.

Well, based on several photos of the two shared by Andre on Instagram, they definitely have at least been spending time together for awhile. Actually, Andre shared a photo with Dawson and Susan Sarandon in July 2016. It's unclear why they were all together, but based on the geotag on Andre's photo, the trio (or as Andre wrote alongside the pic, the "#squad") were at the Community College of Philadelphia at the time it was taken.

In November 2016, the Man Seeking Woman actor shared another photo of himself, Dawson, David Arquette, and comedian Byron Bowers. He captioned it, "Starting a new band with @rosariodawson @davidarquette & @byronbowers."

The two even visited Los Angeles' Bob Baker Marionette Theater late last November. Andre posted a photo of them holding marionettes and looking really happy about it.

They apparently also visited Bangkok, Thailand together. In the following photo, Andre snapped a photo of Dawson at the Wat Pho Buddhist temple. He captioned it, "@rosariodawson rocking her ninja turtle costume at Wat Pho."

Finally, this photo just might be proof that they are indeed a couple. Dawson and Andre spent this past New Year's together. She might not be tagged in it, but that is definitely the Sin City actor sitting on Andre's lap. Usually, if two individuals ring in the New Year together, then that sometimes means they are romantically involved.

Whatever is going on between them and however they met, Dawson and Andre have most certainly been hanging out a lot for quite awhile now.