Stripping May Have Bought Gina Rodriguez & Her BF Together

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Late last year, Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez and her boyfriend, Joe LoCicero, made their red carpet debut and the sheer attractiveness between these two was overwhelming. Rodriguez brought her new man to the first annual Marie Claire Young Women's Honors awards show, and they looked so happy together. And when Rodriguez is happy, so am I. These two have been going strong even since, sharing adorable moments with each other on their social media accounts, but how did Rodriguez and LoCicero meet? It looks like the show that made her a household name might have something to do with it.

At the end of February 2017, Rodriguez posted a cute photo of herself and LoCicero with the caption, "6 months with my bubs," followed with a heart eyes emoji. This means that they started dating around the end of August 2016. That timeline fits in with my idea that Rodriguez and LoCicero met on the set of Jane The Virgin earlier in the year, when LoCicero had a guest starring role on the show as a Don Quixote stripper. Yes, you read that correctly.

The "Chapter 39" episode of Jane The Virgin aired on April 11, 2016, which means they would have filmed the episode a weeks or maybe months earlier. According to LoCicero's IMDb page, he only had a few minor acting roles before his stint as a stripper grinding in Jane's classroom, so it seems unlikely that they would have met before this. Their love story could have begun with a few thrusts to the face, who would've thought?

Rodriguez further hinted that they met on the set of Jane The Virgin when she posted an Instagram on their six months anniversary and captioned it, "So happy you slid into my life," with another clip of his stripper scene.

Regardless of how they met and started dating, Rodriguez and LoCicero are still together now and seem to be hopelessly in love and have no problem with showing each other off. It sure looks like working on Jane The Virgin has changed her life in more ways than one.