Michelle Keegan & Mark Wright's Meet-Cute Happened In This Enviable Location

by Sophie McEvoy
David Fisher/Shutterstock

Hollywood may have its share of power couples, but Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have certainly become the UK's equivalent. The couple, who tied the knot in 2015, has been going strong despite conflicting filming schedules for their individual projects. So how did Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright meet, and how did their Northern and Southern paths initially cross?

If you can cast your mind back to late 2012, that was reportedly when the couple first locked eyes with one another. As the Mirror writes, the couple were on separate holidays in Dubai but met for the first time at N'Dulge, a club at the Palm Hotel. Both Keegan and Wright were seen at the National Television Awards in early 2013, as Closer reports, but didn't make it official until they walked the red carpet together at the British Soap Awards in May that year.

Nine months later, Keegan took to her Instagram to announce that they were engaged. "'You'll find him, you'll find him next to me' @markwright_" the caption reads.

A couple of years after they got married, Wright was offered a position as a presenter on the American entertainment show Extra. After living in different countries for a significant amount of time, Wright moved back to the UK earlier this year. "It just feels like the right time to come back to the UK and live here with my wife and family," he told The Sun in February. "I loved my time at Extra and I love my bosses, who I've left on great terms with, so I look forward to working with them more in the future."

Keegan is also back in England after filming Our Girl series four, which will "broadcast on BBC1 at some point in 2020," as Radio Times reports. Since being back in the UK, Keegan has filmed the first series of the comedy Brassic, which starts tonight on Sky One. And as the actor revealed during an interview with This Morning today, filming has already begun for the second series.

It was during this chat that host Eamonn Holmes brought up the North/South divide between Keegan and Wright, and how they go about dealing with their cultural differences. "Everyone always asks that question, but I don't feel the divide," she said. The only time they do bicker over their cultural differences is over what goes on top of their pie. "That's the only divide," the actor added.

In another interview with the Independent, Keegan also spoke about her relationship with Wright — but this time focusing on how the tabloids treat women in relationships unfairly. "It's like, as soon as you get married, 'When are you having a child?' My husband never gets asked that question," she explained. "I think it's really invasive, for a start, and I used to answer that question all the time, but then I think to myself, well, why do I need to answer that question? It's no one's business."

"I do find it strange that my husband doesn't get that question, or if he does it's on behalf of me. It's not like, 'Do you want children?' It's 'Does Michelle want children?' Just because I'm a woman. I do see the divide there and I do see it's different, completely different. It's quite frustrating."