Romesh Ranganathan's Comments About His Marriage Will Make You Majorly LOL


Stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan has been a significant presence on British TV comedy in recent years, with regular appearances on shows such as A League Of Their Own, as well as his very own BBC Two series The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan. But outside of life on the comedy scene, the 40-year-old's time mainly centres around his wife and children. But how did Romesh Ranganathan and his wife Leesa meet?

According to iNews, Romesh first met his wife during the early days of his stand-up comedy career. A the time, Ranganathan was working as the head of sixth form at Hazelwick school in Crawley, reports the Guardian, and the comic would spend his evenings practising stand-up routines at local pubs. The couple have since gone on to have three children together, and according to the Crawley Observer, wife Leesa gave birth to their son Charlie at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, during The Edinburgh Fringe Festival where Romesh was performing.

As reported by iNews, Leesa also has a history in education, and previously worked as a drama teacher. She is reported to be very supportive of her husband's career, however, any material that references her requires strict approval.

The comedy star has previously discussed what he believes is the secret to a happy marriage. Speaking to the Mirror, Ranganathan said: "The key to a happy marriage is myself being absent for long periods of time. My wife Leesa and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary next year, but if my comedy gigs petered out and I was around the house more, we'd 100 percent be getting divorced. As a husband, I’m much more appealing when I’m not actually there at all."

According to the British Comedy Guide, comedy series Judge Romesh — which sees Ranganathan settle disputes in a fictional civil court — will return to Dave for an extended second series in 2019. When discussing the show's return, Romesh said "It is great to be able to do a second series of Judge Romesh. Some may think it’s because it’s an easy job, the money’s good and I’m working with mates, but the truth is I’m purely motivated by helping people with the problems that they, for some reason, believe to be important."

Ranganathan will also host segments of the Red Nose Day 2019 telethon on BBC One. According to the Radio Times, the comedian will lend a hand as co-host at some point during the 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. time-slot. And he will certainly be in good company, as other big names scheduled to take part include the likes of Sir Lenny Henry, David Tennant, Zoe Ball, Emma Willis, Paddy McGuinness, Alesha Dixon, and many more.

Viewers can also look forward to a stellar lineup of special Comic Relief segments, all of which will air throughout the live broadcast. They include Jennifer Saunders’ Mamma Mia: Here We Go Yet Again spoof, One Red Nose Day and a Funeral — Richard Curtis’ sequel to his smash hit Four Weddings and a Funeral, All Round to Mrs Brown’s Red Nose Day special, and much more.

Comic Relief will begin airing live at 7 p.m. on BBC One tonight.