Random Pair Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Are Being Cute All Over Instagram

by Marenah Dobin

Rumor has it that Wells Adams is in a new relationship and it's not with someone from Bachelor Nation. After coordinating Halloween costumes with Sarah Hyland, everyone wants to know the backstory behind the (probable) couple. How did Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland meet? He lives in Nashville and she lives in Los Angeles, so it's not likely that they just ran into each other at a coffee shop.

Then again, they both seem to travel a lot for work since she's an actor and he's a radio personality, so it is very possible that they did run into each other and they met in person at an event. Unfortunately, there is no official "how they met" story or even a confirmation of their relationship, but there are some hints out there about how they crossed paths.

Their perfectly coordinated Halloween costumes definitely took a great amount of effort. And, sure, friends can collaborate on a Halloween look, but the two of them have been super cute in other social media posts and it seems like love is in the air. Well, maybe not "love" at this point, but there definitely seems to be some very strong (and super cute) "like" going on here. And it might have all started right in front of our eyes: on Twitter.

Back in the day when Adams was one of the men vying for JoJo Fletcher's heart on Season 12 of The Bachelorette, Hyland made it clear that she thought he was attractive when she tweeted, "Ugh! @WellsAdams making a Lord of the Flies reference on men tell all??? #knewhewasthebestfromthestart #menwhoreadarehot."

During that same July 27 episode, Hyland posted another tweet about the radio personality and the infamous contestant Chad Johnson:

Hyland isn't the only one who tweets about the stars of The Bachelorette, though, so those first two tweets obviously weren't a huge deal at the time. But some of her tweets did get some attention from Adams himself when Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 was airing this summer.

It was evident that Hyland was excited about Adams joining the cast as the bartender. More screen time minus the dates with other women sounds like a good show for anyone who's into Adams. Well, minus that whole Danielle Maltby kiss that randomly happened at the end, but let's move on from that. Clearly, he has.

Adams responded to Hyland's tweet about him being the bartender and (flirtatiously?) offered her the opportunity to help him behind the bar for Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. He also made it clear that he was aware of her work on Modern Family.

That wasn't the end of the conversation, either. Hyland quoted his tweet and responded back with some bartender talk and a dog reference. Anyone who follows Adams on social media knows how much he loves his dog, Carl, so mentioning dogs was definitely a good move to make. Adams even responded with a GIF of himself.

Could this be the start of it all? Did someone slide into the DMs after this Twitter exchange? Of course, no one has confirmed this (or anything about this relationship for that matter), but it does make sense. They also could have already met at some point before their Twitter exchange, but unfortunately this is all the public gets to see at this point.

It sure doesn't seem like they were dating or even "talking" for at least a little while after their Twitter convo, since Hyland shared her results from a Bachelor in Paradise personality quiz and Adams tried to comfort her with a hug and some relationship advice on September 8.

And just as recently as October 11, Hyland tweeted about being single:

As for Adams, he insisted that he was single during the October 13 episode of the Your Favorite Thing Podcast With Wells and Brandi, which was titled "Wells Likes A Girl". He did say that he was "talking to" someone in LA, but he corrected co-host Brandi Cyrus every time she threw out the world "girlfriend."

He never said Hyland's name, but during the same episode, he did share, "I did meet this girl's parents" while he was in LA. Cyrus asked the question that everyone wants to know: "What did she introduce you as? 'This is my friend Wells'?" Adams said that it didn't go down like that since he just "went to the door and the mom answered it."

So, if it was about Hyland, he was at her place. The evidence is mounting. It looks like these two probably are together, but they are just taking their time when it comes to defining the relationship and getting serious.

After a season of the Bachelorette, an epic kiss on Paradise, and even talk about Adams having his own season of The Bachelor, one thing is for sure: Fans of Wells Adams are happy to see him happy — even if he didn't hand out any roses to get there.