'The Bachelor Winter Games' Changed How The Rose Ceremony Works & Fans Are Livid

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

The Bachelor Winter Games is a whole new move for Bachelor Nation. We've never before had a cold-weather season of a Bachelor spinoff, but hey — why not? The Olympics are on, so something has to compete for viewers and cater to the people who don't pretend that curling has something to do with their patriotism every four years. But is The Bachelor Winter Games going too far from its original blueprint? The Bachelor Winter Games' rose ceremony has voting, and longtime fans of the show have some feelings about it.

The Bachelor Winter Games is less like a snowy Bachelor In Paradise and more like Bachelor Pad because there are challenges and competitions involved. But apparently, the eliminations don't (yet) have anything to do with the competitions. You win dates on challenges, but you can still be eliminated later if you don't get a rose from the collective house. The guys vote for a woman to leave and the women vote for a man to leave. The ones with the most votes go home. (Five were sent packing during the premiere.)

On the first night, Chris Harrison announced that all contestants were to vote for the person that wasn't "there for the right reasons." That's Bachelor speak for "here for fame," and one could argue that they are all there for fame because they are dating on national television. But that's neither here nor there — fans weren't exactly thrilled about this change of Bachelor pace, and they let it all out on Twitter.

There Were More Than A Few Survivor References

Jeff Probst could take over for Chris Harrison.

Some Were Thrown Off By The Change In Routine

I don't like when my day gets changed, either.

Others Wanted To Know What "The Right Reasons" Were

In it for the sponsored content, y'all.

There Could Also Be Some Strategy Involved Here

Gotta think of the big picture.

Others Thought It Was Mean

And you know what? It kind of was.

Everyone Was Mad About Eric Being Sent Home

He deserved better.

One Fan Put It All In Perspective

This is the most important hot take, because who wants more Arie? I know I don't.

Whatever your feelings about The Bachelor Winter Games, it has to be admitted that the whole thing is pretty impressive. A show like this has never been conceived! According to E!, The Bachelor has aired in 37 countries, but only 11 countries could show up for The Bachelor Winter Games. Bachelor producer Bennett Graebner said, "We would've loved to have broadened the scope even more, but in some cases, it really was impossible." That impossibility was mostly due to visa issues — apparently, it was really hard to get some people to the United States because of visa issues. One country that isn't represented at all on the show? "I remember a couple of women we quite liked from the Bachelor in Thailand but that ended up falling through at some point for a variety of reasons," Graebner said.

As for the contestants that did make it on the show, there are some favorites. Of Ben Higgins, Graebner said, "He's the best and I really adore him and he's been over to my house and hung out with my family. He's a great guy and you'll see more of that on Winter Games." Ashley I. won't be a complete waterworks — "I think people will be surprised at Ashley I. Yes, she's very tearful and emotional," said Graebner, "but I think you're going to see another side of her." And what about Lesley, my personal favorite on The Bachelor Winter Games? Graebner loves her, too. "She's a real catch. She's a really smart, beautiful, outspoken 30-year-old woman who knows what she wants and she's not going to settle," he said. "It's someone like Lesley who you're really rooting for to find someone to spend the rest of her life with." Yes! That is my aesthetic for this show.

The Bachelor Winter Games has such potential (it has a bearded Chris Harrison!), but can we just ask you don't mess with the rose ceremonies too much? Please? Some things are sacred.