Why You Should Care About Pluto Retrograde


If you are in touch with the astrological pulls of the universe, you know that retrogrades influence each and every part of life. And when you are a hard-working badass, you might be focused on how Pluto retrograde affects your job. Granted, every planetary retrograde has an impact, but Pluto needs a special kind of attention. It is always the little ones that you have to watch out for.

This year, the Pluto retrograde lasts from Apr. 20 through Sept. 28, 2017 — talk about a long five months. We will all feel it in different ways, but a similar concept will be observed across the board. Luckily, there are ways that you can make the most out of retrogrades, and learn how to handle it.

In true retrograde fashion, Pluto forces us to take a step back and face our inner selves. Specifically, it is all about our own personal “underworld.” After all, Pluto is named after Hades, the Roman god of the underworld. It all makes sense now.

Well, we all bring our inner demons to work. You know it is true. Every day, work challenges you to calm them down so you can do the daily grind. Yet, if you are aware of how Pluto retrograde affects your job, you let them go in a productive way. It might be the best career tool you can ask for.


Recognizing Emotions


It can be tricky to separate your emotions from work. This is especially true if you've put your heart and soul into a project or position. As a result, feelings can get in the way of professional decisions. Pluto retrograde forces you to look at where you stand emotionally. Here, you can double check if you're making choices fueled by the right thing. It's the first step in shifting your professional mindset.


Remembering Mistakes


In the same vein, Pluto retrograde lets us reflect on our past mistakes at work. I mean, we've all been there. But this doesn't mean we need to wallow in our errors. Looking at where you've messed up allows you to look at your thought process and habits. Think about what might have caused that mistake. Most importantly, show your boss and co-workers that you've learned. They will be super impressed.


Letting Go Of Grudges


In a place with so many personalities, you're inevitably going to butt heads with so-and-so. Instead of letting your insides boil, acknowledge why it bothered you. Think about respectful ways that you can prevent the situation from happening again. Going forward, make it a goal to not let it muddle your relationship with that person.


Facing Your Not-So-Great Qualities


This one sounds foreboding, but it's healthy — promise. Since Pluto retrograde is the time of inner demons, you're forced to look at your not-so-great qualities. Use this time to think about how those qualities affect your work. Here, you can figure out how to improve so you can be even better at your job. Does it mean you need to change? Definitely not. It's about recognizing where you can improve so you can move forward.


Shifting Priorities


All of this one-on-one time with your inner demons will be worth it. You'll be that much closer to accepting mistakes, grudges, and underlying emotional darkness. From there, you can reassess priorities without that influence. It'll help you zero in on the most important tasks at work, and therefore, kick major butt.