SinfulColors Goes Punk Rock With This Trendy 'Melted' Top Coat

Courtesy of SinfulColors

Nail art is getting a fun and easy boost. On-trend drugstore brand SinfulColors' new Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat will give your mani a liquefied look in a minute. These SCPunk shades promise to wake up your fingers and toes this fall with a "melted" or "dissolved" finish. Forego a perfect (and sometimes snoozy) manicure and pedicure in favor of a delightfully and purposefully messy look instead.

According to SinfulColors, the formula is innovative, where only a single stroke is required to create that "acid wash" effect. Because #80strends are back, too.

The end result is custom, different nail art. Every. Single. Time.

If you want depth and dimension on your digits, well, this is certainly the way to get it.

Punk rock style is always a bit disheveled and imperfect. It's also crazy fun. If you don't want to experiment with ombre or dip-dyed hair in wild shades, due to the commitment level, you can totally play with the trend by doing melted-look nails.

SinfulColors, whose collab with Kandee Johnson was one of my fave blogger x brand partnerships of the year, has teamed with up 'n' coming pop star Era Istrefi for this collection.

So in addition to rocking cool AF nails, you may have just unearthed your new fave musical artist.

There are five Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat shades for the most gloriously distressed-looking nails. Redrum is a hawt crimson, while Rebel Rebel is cobalt. PurPunk is a soft lavender, while Punk the Town is a deep plum. And Concrete Jungle is a killer slate shade.

Sinful Colors Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat in Punk The Town, $12, Amazon

Do you look at this HTTC and start thinking about which colors you want to wear underneath? I do!

The possibilities are endless with the Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat. You can swipe it over any shade and you'll wind up with your very own shade that no one else has. Plus, you can apply it over other shades for a new look every time you use it. That's renewable beauty, yo!

The Hypnotics are exclusively available at Walgreens locations.

This topcoat reminds me of the new Lush Jelly Bath Bombs. The swirly trend reigns supreme.

Get your swirl on.