Here's How Tonight's Harvest Moon Could Affect Your Dreams (Yes, That's A Thing)


On Oct. 5, the world will experience a lunar phenomenon that only happens once in an orange moon. The Harvest Moon, this October's full moon, will rise. Sure, that sounds pretty normal. But what's so special about it is that — because it's always the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox — it typically rises in September, and the next time we'll see it in an October sky will be years from now. As we all know, full moons of any variety or name have an affect on us, especially when it comes to sleep, so it's worth wondering how the Harvest Moon could affect your dreams.

Well, this moon is not only a special one in terms of astronomy, but also astrologically. The Harvest Moon is rising in Aries, which will add another element in how this moon phase might be affecting us. Can the moon cycle really tamper with your sleep cycle? Studies say, apparently. And further, people report having more lucid and active imagery during dreams under the full moon's beam. Sounds kinda cool.

The symbolism of a full moon in ~astrological terms~ represents a harvesting of all that you've worked for since setting intentions during the new moon. As the Harvest Moon rises in Aries, spotlighting all that you've accomplished in the past cycle's wake and the path that lays ahead of you, each sign might experience a different dreamscape based on how the moon's energy affects your sign.

Time to spritz lavender sleep spray on your pillow and drift to dreamland one guided meditation at a time.


This is your time to shine! As you slip into a snooze, you might dream about the ultimate you. You're courageous by default, and the energy of this new moon is spotlighting you. There is a lot you've accomplished since the corresponding New Moon in March, but there's still a path to walk and goals to achieve. Look out for a revelation that may pop up in your dreams if it doesn't happen during the day. Keep a journal near your bed to jot down everything you thought! Time to manifest the power and energy of the moon to channel into your next, surely successful project.


Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to let something go. It might be painful but is often necessary and on the bright side — something you might laugh about one day. If there's something that's been holding you back, recognize it now during the Harvest Moon. What we fail to recognize in our conscious state has a funny way of showing its face in our dreams. Maybe you'll experience a nightmare, or some uncomfortable odd situation where one moment you're in your house but when you walk down the stairs you're in your cubicle and when you go to get a glass of water, you're on stage dancing back up for Ariana Grande. Recognize what's working, what's not and where you want to eventually be. You got this!


If you've been feeling out of touch with your squad, the rise of this moon brings lots of feminine energy with it. Now is the time to gather your squad, or find a new group of supportive women to help you achieve your ultimate dreams. What this might mean for your unconscious as you sleep soundly under the moon is a reaching out to new pods of people. What is it that you really want to be? What kind of people can help get you there? Maybe taking the imagery from your dreams and applying it to your life can make for some positive social changes.


You know when you have dreams about work? Is it every night? The energy of the moon is lighting up your career sector. If something isn't working, and you're bringing it home with you and into your dreams with you now might be the time to figure out a way to make work ~werk~ for you. Like, maybe more dance parties. Yes, definitely more dance parties.


Daydreaming about taking time off to travel the world? You might literally be dreaming about it under the Harvest Moon. The magical energy of the Aries full moon inspires adventure for the lions. Astrologists encourage Leos to trust their gut. What you're seeing while you're sleeping and whoever crosses your mind could possibly carry a deeper meaning that makes reality a little more vibrant.


Sexy dreams much? Sounds fun! This Aries moon has Virgos worked up. There's a lot of energy in the air and perhaps the tension acting up between you and another is seeping into your dreams. There's no shame there.


Fantasies have a place in the waking life but they're more appropriately suited for your dreams — because, like, it feels as if it's actually occurring. The Harvest Moon might have Libras collecting numbers as it shines in your house of relationships. It seems like you might be sleeping soundly as moonbeams spotlight into your bedroom and upon your blissed out sleeping face. Your dreams should quite literally be sweet for the next few nights.


Have you had intense, bad dreams recently? Maybe check what you've been ingesting. There's no foul play in potato chip indulgence, but if it's hurting your stomach it's most likely also affecting your sleep cycle. This full moon is all about wellness for you, Scorpio. To halt those heavy night sweats and move on to fresher dreams, drink some water before bed. Because you're wellness sector is lit up under this moon, you could be in store for some active dreams.


Don't you love it when you have those dreams that are so good you're sad to wake up from them? You might be dreaming of a bright, new office or rocking center stage as the moon enters your fifth house of fame. If you talk in your sleep, you might wake up your roommates with mumbles of an exclusive E! News interview you're dreaming about giving in a Givenchy dress on the red carpet. Hope you get your good eight hours of sleep in and enjoy it.


There's always room for growth, Capricorn. And it seems like under this moon's energy, you're itching for a change at home. The moon might have you tossing and turning tonight. But that's OK. Because upon wake up, you'll have the drive to create a new Pinterest board and get to work on what feels right so your sleep pattern can settle into a consistent snooze again.


Dreaming about the good life? The Harvest Moon is blasting it's orange glow into your social zone. It's all good energy and positive people in your life these days, which is great. This kind of moon could produce active dreams that have you in 10 places at once, but in a way that makes you wake up rejuvenated and ready to ~actually~ meet up with your BFFs for brunch.


Luxurious dreams might slip into your unconscious tonight. As the moon illuminates your financial and prosperity sector you could be dreaming up yacht trips and standing ovations. Keep the positive energy from your dreams as a boss flowing into reality.