Here's How Violet Voss' Perfect Weapons Differ

I am a firm believer that makeup tools are magic wands and weapons of the trade. Violet Voss' Perfect Weapon makeup applicators are designed to be used with both cream and powder products, but they are decidedly different than the ever-popular complexion sponges by beautyblender and RealTechniques. With beautyblenders and other edge-less, egg-shaped sponges, the process is simple. You wet, squeeze, and bounce the tool. Or more specifically, you dampen the sponge, squeeze out the excess water, apply a minimum of cream or powder products to your face, and then bounce the sponge off your face to buff and smooth the product. There is little waste and even less lines of demarcation with this method. So, how are Violet Voss Perfect Weapon applicators different?

Well, for one, they are made of silicone gel, not a spongy material. That's a key difference. These applicators come in clear, pink, and blue and are meant to be used dry. While a beautyblender is most effective when moist, the Perfect Weapon is recommended for dry use. Other than that, the brand suggests using quick dabs and bounce motions and cleaning the product daily. You will also use half the amount of product with the Weapon, per the brand's description, because it doesn't soak up or absorb product.

The Perfect Weapon is just $8 a pop or you can buy the three-pack, boasting all three colors. That will cost you $21, so you enjoy a little bit of savings.

Every trade has it tools and weapons.

The Weapons are available for purchase via the Violet Voss site. At such a steal of a price, why not try one or all three?

In case you need another look... have at it. It's a product like a silicone gel sponge, which does look like old school breast implants, that makes application and the rigors and routine of putting on makeup fun!

BTW, L'Oreal's makeup sponges launch in January. Also, Molly Cosmetics is loved for its SiliSponges.

Images: Violet Voss/Instagram (TBD)