L'Oreal Is Doing Makeup Spongers Now! Finally!

Finally! L'Oréal has created a line of makeup blender sponges. The drugstore brand, which is always on trend, affordable, and offers high quality products and tools, is launching its first makeup sponge collection. Yes, the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist sponges are akin to the behemoth known as the beautyblender. You know, the hot pink, egg-shape sponge that revolutionized the beauty industry and the application of liquid products! There are three L'Oréal makeup sponges and each is a different color and completes a specific task. The sponge applicators are latex-free and are $7 a pop, making them a super affordable alternative to pricier sponges on the market. When are the L'Oréal Infallible Blend Artist makeup sponges coming out?

According to the press materials Bustle received, the L'Oréal Infallible Blend Artist makeup sponges will cruise onto the brand's site and into drugstores nationwide in January 2017. That's right around the corner. That also means you should plan to cruise on over to your favorite CVS or Walgreen's once the calendar turns to stock up on these babies.

These sponges are so essential since they eliminate streaks and lines when applying liquid foundation or concealer. They also reduce product waste and lead to a flawless canvas.

Here's the breakdown of each sponge's color and functionality.

The Foundation Blender, $7, Amazon

This hot pink miracle is designed for applying foundation all over your face.

You can buff out undereye concealer or smooth product around the chin with this sponge. Aren't you loving that squishiness and that curvy shape? It's ergonomic, since you can grip the sides comfortably.

Concealer Blender, $7, Amazon

This sliced and slanted, baby blue blender will help to buff and blend concealer or cream applied around the sides of the nose, the brow bones, and even in the inner corners of eyes.

That tip is essential for hard-to-reach facial real estate.

Contour Blender, $7, Amazon

If sculpting and defining your features is part of your daily routine, this teardrop-shaped, bright yellow blender will be your new BFF. It's crafted for contourers and to blend product on cheekbones, at the jawline, and bridge of the nose. You will be truly line-free, because "I love to show off lines of demarcation," said no one ever.

While each sponge has a specific task and function for which it was designed, you can really use them for any product application task you wish.

Images: Courtesy of L'Oréal (6)