7 Signs Your Past Life Is Impacting Your Current Love Life

by Kristine Fellizar
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When your love life is less than ideal, looking for reasons why is necessary in order to turn it all around. Maybe you've been single for a while and want a serious relationship, but everyone you're interested in only wants to keep things casual. Or maybe you find yourself having the same relationship problems over and over again with different partners. If you've ever jokingly blamed your past life for making you unlucky in love, as crazy as it sounds, you may actually be on to something. According to psychics, how your past life affects your present life may extend to your current romantic situation.

"Any past life or spiritual pattern governs the way we perceive and receive life," Tracee Dunblazier, spiritual empath and author, tells Bustle. "It creates the lens we look at life through." For example, if you lived a past life of enslavement you may naturally come into this life with an unconscious feeling of not being valued, or needing to be independent. "Now imagine how you might relate that to a romantic relationship," she says. "You might enter into this life expecting to be devalued or see commitment as a loss of control."

The idea of having past lives may a little too out there for some. But according to Dunblazier, we all have lived many other lives before whether you believe it or not. People typically carry the same talents and sometimes perspectives from one life to the next. For those who are uncomfortable thinking about it in that way, consider them "soul-imprints" that you're born with.

"Many past lives can reveal themselves in dreams, visions, or extreme emotional responses that feel real but are not connected to current-life experiences," she says. That can help to explain why you feel strongly for certain people upon meeting them or even why you have a tendency to keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

When it comes to love in particular, some things are just really hard to explain. So here are signs your past life may be affecting your love life today, according to psychics.


You Keep Picking The Wrong Type Of People Without Really Knowing Why

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Having a "type" is common. However, if you realize that everyone you date ends up being a liar, or a cheater, it's important to take note. There may be a reason why you keep attracting certain types of people that aren't necessarily good for you.

"It can be frustrating when the patterns repeat themselves and the wounds appear again and again in every relationship with no clear understanding of how to resolve them," Kelli Reese, Certified Akashic Record Reader and author tells Bustle. If the same patterns keep reappearing, it's for a reason. You may have issues from a past life that need addressing. Like an alarm bell ringing, the universe is telling you that so you can be aware and do something about it to finally break the pattern.


Even If You Know You're Making The Wrong Relationship Decisions, You Still Do Them Anyway

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Once you're consciously aware of the fact that you keep making questionable relationship decisions but can't seem to figure out why you can't stop, your past life may be to blame. "Negative choices made in a previous lifetime may require you to clear up what's been left unsettled like an open case yet to be closed," Reese says. "You're being called to go deeper and discover the connection to the past life, in order to move forward." The fact that you're consciously aware of the choices you're making is a really great start. It's just up to you to use that knowledge to make different choices. "It's an opportunity for you to learn and grow within the current experience," Reese says. If not, those same patterns might follow you into your next life.


Your Current Partner Creates Uncomfortable Feelings Within You

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When you're in a relationship with someone you've been in a past life with, it's very possible for them to create really uncomfortable feelings inside of you without knowing it. These "uncomfortable" feelings go beyond the surface. They're more like deeply rooted fears and insecurities that you never had with any other partner before. According to Reese, that's not necessarily a bad thing at all. "When you feel triggered, it's showing you where there's an opportunity for growth and healing," she says. "Relationships can be some of the biggest teachers in life and your partner can be shining the light into a dark corner, helping you discover what's yet to be healed. It's not always easy to see it this way when you're feeling charged, angry or hurt, but it's possible to shift your perspective and see your partner and what they may be providing for you."


You're Having A Hard Time Quitting Your On-Again, Off-Again Situation

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Breaking up with a "soulmate" is never easy. If you've shared a past life together, that connection can make it even more of a challenge. So even if two people aren't really meant to be together romantically in this lifetime, they'll still find ways to keep coming back together. "Not being able to move on after a breakup shows that the energetic cord between two people is still connected," Lisa Barretta, intuitive counselor and Reiki practitioner, tells Bustle.

If the reason behind why you're not together is toxic patterns and behavior, going to a psychic or intuitive can help decipher the energy patterns that you are carrying within your energetic field so you can address why you feel the way you do in relationships, Barretta says. Seeking out a past life regressionist can also help bring clarity into your current relationship situation. It's all about figuring out why you keep coming back to a particular situation. From there, you can figure out what you need to do in order to finally cut them from your life.


You Never Feel Just "Neutral" Towards Your Partner

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"Having extreme emotions or feelings for any person, place, or thing, that is beyond what's rational for your direct circumstances means you have a spiritual imprint," Dunblazier says. When you've been in a past life with someone, it can feel like love at first sight. When you fight with them, it can get really intense. You might have strange dreams about your partner that may seem so real that you wake up feeling anxious. If you have leftover issues from a past life, your relationship with your partner can feel like a tumultuous emotional rollercoaster. There's really no middle ground.

Fortunately, you can correct your patterns from past lives by living consciously in the moment, Barretta says. It's all about learning to "re-pattern your reactions." If you wake up feeling anxious because of a dream you had, tell yourself it was just a dream. It's not reality. Sometimes you really can't help what you feel, but taking a step back to really think before you act can prevent you from doing or saying something you'll regret.


You Have Trust Issues That You Can't Really Explain

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Sometimes, you can pinpoint your trust issues to a past relationship or childhood. But if you have trust issues without really knowing why, your past life may be to blame. For instance, let's say your story from a past life involves your partner leaving home to go to war and they never returned. In present-day, you might take your partner saying they're going on a work trip for the week to mean they won't ever return. You can become anxious even if there's nothing to worry about. When you have a strong emotional reaction to something that your partner did or said, but can't trace that back to anything that happened in this life, it's probably from a past life.

"This can manifest as things that shouldn't trigger you but does," Michelle Brock, a spiritual life coach who specializes in past life regression, tells Bustle. This can also cause unnecessary problems in the relationship when one partner is feeling insecure over things that shouldn't matter.

If this is the case, sometimes knowing that your reactions are from a past life are enough to correct it, Brock says. "But since the unconscious mind is such a powerful place and these past life memories can be difficult to navigate, I recommend doing a past life regression to help you recall specifically what happened before in your past life that is causing these romantic blocks."


You're Very Empathetic To Other People's Relationship Problems Even If You've Never Gone Through It Yourself

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If you've never been cheated on, but feel deeply hurt and affected when you hear about someone who did experience this, it may be your past life coming back to you. "There are obviously a million examples of how a past life could be impacting your love life now," Brock says. "But these past life stories can keep us from being present today by creating intimacy blockages that can prevent us from having a fulfilling romantic partnership."

According to Brock, it's absolutely possible that things that occured in your past life could be affecting your ability to trust, be open, or accept your relationship the way it is. But just remember, "even if those events happened before, they are only there unconsciously," she says.

Even if you don't believe in past lives, there is some pretty grounded advice to take away from this: let go of the past. People tend to get stuck in the same patterns over and over again because it's easy to remember the times when things were good. It's so much harder to let go and find something new, even if it's better for you. But when you're fully able to release the past and let go of any baggage weighing you down, you can finally move forward and have the love life you truly want.