7 Ways To Tell If Someone Was In Your Past Life, According To Psychics

Have you ever met someone you immediately felt a strong connection to? Despite the fact that you're strangers, you just have a feeling that you know this person, like you've met somewhere before. Regardless of whether you believe in it or not, past lives are pretty fascinating. According to psychics, most of us have past life connections with the people in our lives, as well as our pets.

First of all, it's important to know that past lives are not unique. "Everyone has a past life or lives," Andrew Brewer, “The Rock n Roll Psychic," tells Bustle. "In spite of many believing the contrary, people reincarnate because they like to 'be here.'"

So having a past life essentially means your "soul essence" is back because it wants to be here. Hopefully, it will evolve in some way that will carry on to future lifetimes.

According to Brewer, people don't change drastically from one lifetime to the next either. Instead, we tend to reincarnate "looking, acting, thinking, and processing" in the same way throughout each lifetime. "For there to be 'reincarnation' there has to be some unique quality reincarnating," he says. "Think of each incarnation as the soul’s personal expression of self. Each go round, we come with similar traits, talents, and quirks, as well as consistent physical qualities, regardless of race or gender that echoes of our dominant soul essence."

When you meet someone you've known in a past life, the connection will feel different than with anyone else you meet. So here's how you can tell if someone has been in a past life with you, according to psychics.

It's Present In Your Astrological Birth Chart
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If you really want to know for sure whether or not your partner specifically has been in a past life with you, your astrological birth chart may have the answer. "We can see past life connections very clearly through astrology," Brewer says. There's a branch of astrology called synastry which compares two or more birth charts. "It's typically used when looking for the romantic possibilities between two prospective partners."

But most people don’t typically have their birth charts and their partner's on hand to compare. So luckily, there are other simpler ways to know if someone's been in a past life with you, like how you feel when you meet them.

Meeting Them Will Cause A Reaction In You
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Meeting someone from your "soul group" will typically cause a reaction in you. According to Brewer, your reaction to them can either be good or bad. Without really knowing why, you can either really like or dislike someone upon meeting them for the first time. Regardless of what your reaction to meeting a past life connection will be, Brewer says it's never going to be neutral.

You're Extremely Drawn To Them Without Any Real Explanation Why
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Soulmates or people you've had past lives with can come in all forms. For instance, a "soulmate" doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic partner. It can be your friend, your neighbor, or even a sibling. Psychic Medium, Erica Korman tells Bustle, the one common theme between all past life connections is that you feel very drawn to them. Again, it doesn't matter if it's positive or negative. Your souls have some sort of unfinished business to work out and things you still need to learn from one another. This can happen with any close relationship in your life. "No one is brought into your life by accident," Korman says. "We all meet for a reason, whether we know it or not."

It's Love At First Sight (Kind Of)
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Experiencing that feeling of love at first sight is a "powerful sign" you had a past life with someone, psychic medium, Vincent Genna, MSW tells Bustle. "[T]here is no such thing as love at first sight — it's actually love at first memory," says Genna. "Those two, without consciously knowing it, are having a past-life recall." Meaning, they were most likely in love in a past life. So if you feel like it was love at first sight with your partner, you may have been together before.

Your Dynamic Doesn't Match With Their Role In Your Life
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"You generally travel with the same group of souls when you reincarnate, but you might play different roles in each others’ lives," psychic medium, Caroline Zani, tells Bustle. For example, if you and your mom shared a past life, but the roles were reversed (i.e. you were the parent and she was the child), it can play out in your dynamic today. "If you’ve ever heard someone say, 'I feel like I’m the mother and she’s the child,' when talking about their mother, that’s a strong indication that they are playing out some karmic balancing," Zani says.

Your Pet Seems To Have Found You Out Of Nowhere

Past life connections aren't limited to just people. Interestingly enough, your pet may have been there with you in a past life. "In many cases, animals instinctively know where they want to be — the home they want, the human parent they seek, or they know you can help them find the home they need," psychic and spiritual counselor, Davida Rappaport, tells Bustle. "If someone is drawn to a specific breed of animal and there is no explanation for it, it may be from a past life. If an animal wants you, somehow they end up where you can find them at the right time."

According to Rappaport, animals find humans because animal souls connect to human souls. "There may be something about an animal that feels like you both belong together and perhaps you do," she says.

You And Your BFF Can Easily Pick Up Where You Left Off
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Some friendships can last a lifetime. Even if you don't hear from a friend in years but somehow find a way to recconnect, that could mean they're a past life connection. If you find that time and distance does not alter your bond with your best friends, Rappaport says these more than likely are past life relationships. "With the Internet and social media, you can find lost people easily — that is, if they want to be found," she says. "If they do not want you to find them, perhaps your karma with them is complete in this lifetime."

For the most part, psychics say past life connections are easy to spot because of that feeling of "knowing" you get when you meet them. So if you feel like you've met someone before, you probably have.