7 Major Ways Kathryn From ‘Southern Charm’ Has Changed From Her First Episode To Now

Paul Cheney/Bravo

There is no doubt about it: Kathryn Dennis has changed a lot since her first episode of Southern Charm . The series premiered in 2014, which was only four years ago, but that really feels like a whole other lifetime, especially when it comes to Kathryn. She is a completely different person than the 21-year-old woman who fans first met all the back in Season 1. Yes, she still has that same sense of humor and unapologetic realness that made her appealing from the jump, but she is constantly evolving.

Kathryn wasn't even an original cast member, but when she showed up on the scene in Charleston, the stars of the show could not help gravitating toward her. In all honesty, she's been carrying this show on her back from the moment she appeared on screen. Southern Charm probably wouldn't even be on Season 5 if it wasn't for the excitement and intrigue that Kathryn brings to the table. She is the most talked about cast member by far. During the first season alone, Shep Rose, Craig Conover, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and Thomas Ravenel all openly crushed on Kathryn.

Right from the jump, Kathryn charmed her costars and the audience as the most interesting person on the show, but she has come a long way. These are just some of the major changes that Kathryn has made over the years.

She Became A Mother

Kathryn didn't start the series as a mother, but at the end of the very first season of Southern Charm, it was revealed that Kathryn and then-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel welcomed their daughter Kensington Calhoun Ravenel on March 24, 2014. On November 9, 2015, Kathryn gave birth to son St. Julien Ravenel.

She Became A Full-Time Cast Member

When Southern Charm first started filming, Kathryn was not a member of the friend group, let alone a full-time cast member. Nevertheless, Kathryn did appear in the first episode of Southern Charm, and she was the center of attention from that point on. With Whitney, Shep, Craig, and Thomas all trying to date her, there was no way that she wouldn't get the promotion to a full-time cast member for Season 2, which she did. Now, she is getting the spotlight that she deserves as the centerpiece of many of the storylines.

She Has Friends In The Cast

For years, Kathryn was the pariah of the Southern Charm cast. Every single time she walked into an event, the room would gasp and then turn silent, and everyone just stared at her. Many cast members used their screen time to gossip about her waiting to see what she did next.

These days, Kathryn has a bona fide girls squad on her side with Chelsea Meissner, Danni Baird, and Naomie Olindo. She is also good friends with Shep and Craig. This is a far cry from the woman who was only welcomed at parties because she was someone else's date.

She Is Not With Thomas

For the longest time, Southern Charm was essentially the Kathryn and Thomas show. Even when they weren't actually a couple, the main storylines almost always revolved around the undeniable connection between the two of them. They were dating on and off, had two kids together, endured a love triangle with Landon Clements, went through custody drama, and now they are trying to peacefully co-parent.

Now, Thomas is dating Ashley Jacobs and Season 5 opened with a scene of Kathryn and Ashley insulting each other while Thomas looked on. Kathryn and Thomas may not be a couple, but their drama has been and will always be the backbone of this show.

She Dyed Her Signature Red Hair

Kathryn stood out from the crowd thanks to her fiery personality, but her signature, long red hair also added to her unique allure. For many years, that look was her calling card. But she's since chopped off her long locks and gone blonde, and it's another look that really works for her.

She Went To Rehab

In a 2017 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kathryn admitted that Season 4 was the first season of Southern Charm that she filmed completely sober after completing a stint in rehab for substance abuse. "You know, there's such a stigma around what I went through, and there shouldn't be," Kathryn shared “What I went through wasn't just addressing drug, alcohol, whatever. It was more beneficial in, like, life skills." Today, Kathryn is really on her game and ready to throw the best shade at anyone who crosses her.

She Has A Day Job

A lot of people on reality television are reality TV stars for a living, but Kathryn actually does have a day job. In December 2017, Page Six reported that Kathryn has been working at a Charleston department store called Gwynn's as a stylist. Kathryn has verified this with many posts on her Instagram page.

Southern Charm viewers have watched Kathryn grow up over these past four years. Now she is a mother, a hard worker, and has really worked on herself, but there is one thing that hasn't changed: She still the most talked about person on the show.