How Lady Gaga Gets Glam For The Holidays, According To Her Makeup Artist — EXCLUSIVE

Lady Gaga got you a present. I know, I know — the holidays have only just begun, but the thoughtful and creative singer-turned-actress-turned-beauty-entrepreneur and Sarah Tanno, her longtime makeup artist and the Global Artistry Director for HAUS LABORATORIES worked together to create the perfect eyeshadow palette for your everyday needs. Even better? If you're in the Los Angeles area from Dec. 5 through Dec. 6, you'll be able to play with and swatch Glam Room Palette No. 1 at the HAUS LABORATORIES x Amazon Beauty pop-up at the Grove. And because Gaga and Tanno want you to take festive to the next level, there will also be a slew of other gorgeous holiday launches that you will absolutely need for getting glam this season.

Gaga fans might expect blinding glitter and in-your-face color from a HAUS LABORATORIES holiday collection. And while there is a Red Sparkle Lipstick you won't be able to stop staring at and a silver Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow that will seriously scintillate, Tanno tells me she and Gaga wanted to make a cohesive collection of beauty goodies that you will use beyond New Year's Eve, starting with the brand's very first eyeshadow palette, which I got an exclusive peek at.

"This isn't just a holiday palette. It's always supposed to be in your glam room, sitting on your vanity," Tanno tells me. Glam Room No. 1: Fame features 10 shades ranging from warm pale peach and rose gold tones to cool plums and a deep black, all in a combination of matte, metallic, and shimmer finishes. Tanno tells me that it was important to Gaga that you get a lot of product in each pan (and that those pans be rectangles, not tiny squares or circles), but that you wouldn't be overwhelmed by all the color choices, which is why they settled with 10. "We felt like it was just the perfect progression of having something that's really wearable for day and then taking you to the most creative looks at night."

Tanno wanted to create something that had "everything you need" in one palette. "There's something for every mood that we have," she shares. Tanno knows this isn't what Gaga fans may have expected for their first palette and wants to assure them that more colorful palette volumes are on their way. "But this is what we wanted to come out the gate with and I think it's perfect for holiday because you still can achieve really beautiful, glam moments."

The best way to prove it? To show me herself. Using the eyeshadow palette and a couple other products from the holiday collection, Tanno demonstrated how to achieve a glam, festive look on me, just like she would on Lady Gaga.

Start With The Eyes

First, she started with my eyes, creating a base with Cameo, a "saddle kind of brown" to add warmth behind any darker colors. For Tanno, it's the perfect version of a transition color that can be used alone or in this case, as a base. "I'm shaping out what I want to do," she tells me, using a small eyeshadow brush to create a crease.

Then, using Cake, a "perfect subtle pale peach that works on all skin tones," Tanno created more definition to the shape by adding this shade underneath the brow.

Sara Tan

Next, because of my brown eyes, Tanno knew she wanted to use Slipper Room, a shimmery purple shade. Tanno applied this eyeshadow using her fingers, which is something she urges people to do when it comes to this palette, and with the rest of the HAUS LABORATORIES eye products. Tanno says she wanted to make products that could be easily applied on the go, in the car, or on the subway — products that could be blended seamlessly with your fingers.

Press Pause

Then, she hit pause on my eyes, another important step in Tanno's makeup process. "To create balance with your makeup, I like to take a break from the eyes and go finish the face and the lip," she shares. Tanno says that it's good to skip around so that you can see what area needs more color. "When the lip is really bright, you can come back to the eyes and the cheeks. Sometimes, when you have a brighter lip, you need a brighter cheek. It's OK to come back to it," she adds.

Create A Bold Lip Moment

"I love the contrast of purple and red," Tanno tells me, which is why she decided on a bold red lip for me. I've never personally worn a strong red lipstick with a purple eyeshadow for fear of it being too much, but Tanno insists. "It's all about confidence. It's holiday — more is more. Go for it," she tells me. "I would fully put silver eyeshadow to the brow with a bright red glossy lip. That is actually one of the collections. There's no right or wrong."

To create this lip, Tanno first reached for Supermodel, a red lipliner, which she tells me was the first lipliner color she made. "We spent a ton of time on on our [lipliner] formula — it's the most luxurious lipliner in the world," Tanno says. It was important for her to create a great lipliner formula because she and Gaga love to use lipliner to fill in the lips, instead of a lipstick.

Sara Tan

To make sure you don't create a lipliner mess, Tanno suggests holding something underneath or above your lips while you apply your lipliner, like a tissue. This will help you get a crisper line. Then, she'll go around the lip with concealer.

After creating the border and filling it in, Tanno reached for Burlesque, a sparkly red lipstick that screams "happy holidays!"

It's shimmery without being glittery and its creamy texture feels super comfortable on my lips.

Add Pops Of Highlight & Twinkle

Last, but certainly not least, Tanno added subtle touches of highlight and sparkle to my already festive look. She used a small fluffy brush to apply Applause, a gold and pink pearl duochrome shadow from the palette, to my cheekbones. Because of its dual finish, it makes for a perfect highlighter, shifting from gold to pink when it catches the light. Lastly, to complete the look, Tanno reached for Sparkle Brow & Lash Topper, a sheer black brow gel with hints of glitter. She tells me that Gaga loves a bold, black brow — it's either that or nothing at all. For this reason, they decided to create a black, buildable brow gel that can be used to define and set your brows.

Here's the finished look.

Sara Tan

Tanno tells me that this is a look Gaga would wear on any day and feel beautiful in (especially because red is her signature color). When she first told me she was going to use both purple and red on me — plus shimmer! And sparkle! — I was hesitant. As someone who already avoids wearing too much eyeshadow, the idea of rocking both a statement lip and a bold eye made me nervous. But this festive, yet totally wearable look is something I will gladly (and confidently) wear to all my future parties, holiday or not. I feel like a changed woman — I guess that's the kind of influence Gaga can have on you.