How Libra Season 2018 Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Get ready for a change in attitude, because Libra season has officially begun as of Sept. 23, and it's going to affect everyone, no matter what your zodiac sign is. The good news is that these changes are probably going to be pretty positive. Libra season generally creates the feeling and need for balance and harmony in your life. As we move into autumn, Libra season will help us feel ready to begin something new — but not just to think about starting something new, actually doing it and getting it done. However, unlike the energy of the previous Virgo season, which was all about being busy and productive, Libra season is a little bit more slow-paced, pleasant, and social.

According to, this is also a time to examine the balance in your relationships with others. shared, "Libra's planetary ruler is Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, so our attention during this time turns to relationships, culture, and the arts. Balance is a key theme during the season of the Scales, as we seek to create inner and outer harmony."

Libra season allows us to see things with a new perspective, which can be really helpful. It's a time to really think about and work through the things you're doing and the things that maybe don't feel that great anymore. You might feel the urge to totally change something in your life — go for it! This should be a pretty positive time for anyone, regardless of their sign, but till — Libra season will affect each zodiac sign in a unique way. Find out what you can expect below: