Here’s What Virgo Season Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The Virgo personality is sharp, efficient, practical, intelligent, and precise, so I think we can all agree, that as we move into Virgo season, we're looking forward to some of that qualities rubbing off on us. But what Virgo season means for you based on your zodiac sign will vary. For those of us who are already overachievers by nature, the added influence of Virgo's intensity might make us a bit ~extra~. But for those of us who struggle with focus, completing tasks and self discipline might be in for a productive introduction to fall.

Though all signs are finally escaping the wrath of Mercury's retrograde, no sign felt it more than Virgo as Mercury is its leading planet. So after a confusing summer of poor communication, projects gone awry, and relationships made complicated, it's finally time to lean into the ever clear vision of the Virgo.

Bustle talked to astrologer Linda Furiate about what each sign can expect to experience during Virgo season. Spoiler alert: things are looking up for everyone! After a sweltering summer with six different planetary retrogrades complicating things, it's finally time to move forward and work on fixing all the things that weren't working for us over these last few months.


Furiate suggests a new fitness or health routine for Aries this month. Now is the time to show your body and mind some love by treating them both right.


Furiate says that creative projects might arise, but won't necessarily be fulfilling at first. You might need to work extra hard on something that might have otherwise come easy to you. Don't give up, just work harder.


Gemini: If you've been thinking about moving, Furiate tells Bustle this is your month. Mentally, you can handle the chaos of a move and it's time for change.


According to Furiate, "Cancer may decide to head to the beach or mountains for a last-minute vacation with the family." Whatever you do, Furiate says it's important to pick a location where it is appropriate to take off your shoes and feel the earth under your feet. Get back to nature, it's just what you need.


After a busy and exciting birthday month, Leo may need to focus on work. "A VIP may place a high demand on your time," Furiate says. So make sure you're on your A game and ready to prove your value. It's time to focus on moving forward and taking bigger steps toward your future.


Happy Birthday Virgo! Furiate suggests changing up your routine and leaning in to romantic opportunities that might arise, even if they're not what you typically go for. Following creative pursuits will be beneficial and inspiring.


This month’s focus will be on money and your earning potential for Libras. Furiate explains that this is an "excellent time to explore how foreign currencies may benefit your wallet," so get the conversation going and expand your financial education and engagement.


"Scorpio may benefit by building a network of solid business leads," Furiate explains. Virgo season for the Scorpio is a good time to connect with former colleagues or people you have worked with before who may help you achieve your goals. So get out there and network, projects that need the help of others to success will become real possibilities this month.


If you've been in a tough money spot, Furiate says that "Sagittarius may find it is more work than play this month if they are to easily achieve their financial objectives." For some lucky Sagittarius, Furitate says "a parent or authority figure may offer help with a small cash advance."


As per usual, Capricorn will be eager to build their empire. But Furiate warns that an "unexpected travel assignment or last-minute educational seminar may cause a delay," so try to find it in you to be flexible. You're only thrown off course if you're not ready for all possibilities.


"This may prove to be a month that you will want to reach out to another for their guidance and intuitive insight," Furiate explains. Though while you an really benefit from a little help this month, you'll also need to prioritize alone time.


Furiate tells Bustle that this month, Pisces is going to be able to thrive as a partner. If you're an a relationship already, you're going to find it in you to be extra supportive, and if you're single, you're in a great place to meet likeminded people. Regardless of what your status is, it's a good month to be social and to be there for the people in your life, you have a lot to offer.