Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry Met Over Cheeseburgers & It's Kinda The Cutest Thing Ever

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Grab your surfboards, because the Teen Choice Awards are this Sunday, Aug. 11 on Fox. Leading the pack is Lil Nas X with five nominations, per Billboard, while Post Malone is up for four. Next in line are Katy Perry, Khalid, Taylor Swift, and Halsey, who all have three nominations a piece. Perry is nominated in three distinct categories — female artist, electronic/dance song, and Latin song, respectively — so fans can reasonably expect to see the "Never Really Over" singer at the festivities, hopefully with fiancé Orlando Bloom in tow. But if fans are struggling to remember how long Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have dated, the answer is a bit complicated, since the couple have been a bit "Hot N Cold" over the years.

The two initially hit it off at the Golden Globes on January 10, 2016, according to Us Weekly, where they got into a dance-off at an afterparty. In a recent interview with Hello! magazine, Bloom gave new insight on their chance meeting at the Golden Globes, sharing that cheeseburgers are what brought them together. He explained that Denzel Washington and Perry were sitting at the same table, and they had a bunch of cheeseburgers.

Bloom was really hungry and asked the Training Day actor for one. "So Denzel counts up the burgers: 'Okay, we have ten of them; yeah, sure, fine,'" the Lord of the Rings actor recalled. "And I saw Katy — I'd met her a couple of times but didn't know her well — and gave her a wink, and that was that."

The event seemed to have a lasting affect on both parties, as Perry and Bloom went on vacation to Hawaii the following month, per Entertainment Tonight, and even attended Coachella together in April, according to E! News. And while the couple seemed to be doing well, they broke up amicably in February 2017, according to People. Perry then posted on Twitter, "HOW BOUT A NEW WAY OF THINKING FOR 2017!? U can still b friends & love ur former partners! No one's a victim or a villain, get a life y'all!"

After being spotted together several times, including a joint vacation to the Maldives in January 2018, per the same People article, rumors began swirling that their relationship was back in full bloom. In February, The Sun claimed that the couple are dating again, and in April 2018, Perry told Entertainment Tonight that she wasn't single, further sparking relationship rumors. "No, I'm sorry I have been spoken for and speak for myself," she said. "And I'm very happy!"

The couple made their red carpet debut in September, according to People, when they attended the Gala for the Global Ocean in Monaco. And things have been rosy ever since, with Perry and Bloom getting engaged on Valentine's Day 2019, according to the same People article, which the happy couple announced with a cryptic Instagram post.

And while they're engaged, it seems like the couple will be taking their time making it to the altar. "One step at a time," Perry told radio show KISS Breakfast. "Definitely trying to lay the good emotional foundation for the lifetime of commitment, which is like a big deal."

Indeed, they both have previous marriages: Perry to actor Russell Brand, and Bloom to model Miranda Kerr, so it's clear they don't want to take things too fast. And since Bloom was overseas filming his new Amazon Prime show, Carnival Row, they had to make long distance work. Bloom told People that having a long-distance relationship comes with the territory when both people are in the entertainment business. "You have to do the groundwork together, create the feeling of trust and safety so that you can spend time apart and do everything that you need to do and still feel tethered to that person, so that you can go on a journey together," he said.

So how long have the two been together? Well, it's been about 3.5 years since the pair initially got together, but since details of their reunion are fuzzy, some estimation is necessary. To simplify things, let's say that the couple got back together in April 2018, when Perry stated that she wasn't single. If that's the case, then she and Bloom have been together — in total — about two and a half years.

So whether the couple make an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday or not, they've made their relationship work, despite the odds.