How Long Is e.l.f. Cosmetics 2018 Summer Sale? There Are SO Many Products For Under $1

A drugstore favorite whose quality products rarely disappoint, e.l.f Cosmetics is already super easy on your bank account. So when e.l.f.'s 2018 summer sale hit their website, it made their already budget-friendly offerings even cheaper. — so cheap in fact that there are plenty of beauty essentials that cost less than one freaking dollar.

If your makeup stash could use a little sprucing up, now is the time to beef up your stock. E.l.f. is practically giving away makeup must-haves, slashing the prices of select foundations, lippies, shadows, and more to less than $5. But the goodies discounted to a measly few cents are the real jaw-droppers of the summer sale, and they're not too shabby. We're talking winged liner creators, blemish camouflagers, and even the tools that paint them on for the price of pocket change. That means you could potentially restock your entire makeup collection without even breaking out an Andrew Jackson, a totally mind-blowing possibility.

It's just too bad the blowout sale won't last forever. The top-rated beauty that won't break the bank will only be available at such discounted prices temporarily, as the sale is seasonal. But before you heavily sob at the thought of not getting your hands on some cheap AF merch, shop these 21 under $1 essentials while the sale is still in full effect.

1This Rosy Eyeshadow Quad

All it takes is a few quarters to nab this blush-toned eyeshadow quad. Its labels make it easy to know exactly where to place each pigment for a complete eye look.

2This Brow Tamer

Achieve brow perfection with this clear wax pencil that helps tame your most stubborn hairs. Enriched with Vitamin E. it even helps nourish the skin.

3This Tinted Eyeshadow Primer

Banish creasing and fading eyeshadow for good. This lid primer helps lock in your pigments for good.

4This Berry Balm

Perfect for your can't be bothered days, this coconut, grape, and shea butter infused lip tint conditions as it coats your pout with a subtle berry hue.

5.This Complete Lash Kit

Just when you thought nothing could top the $1 falsies hack, e.l.f puts these lashes that include glue and a storage tray on sale for practically no money.

6This Essential Tool

No stash would be complete without a tool for keeping your brows tamed and framed, so snag this brush/comb combo for less than 50 cents.

7This Lid Definer

You can seriously never have too many eyeshadow brushes, so this angled blender is worth your coins.

8This 2-in-1 Pencil

A multipurpose pencil for use on the brows and waterline, this beauty gem is the ultimate steal.

9This Liquid Lippy

This cherry liquid lipstick will likely sell through quickly, as it's an ideal summer hue.

10These Handy Applicators

Always coming in clutch, these double-sided eyeshadow swabs are perfect for smoking out your waterline or adding definition to the crease.

11This Pout Enhancer

A tapered lip brush is essential, so why not add this baby to your cart when it's sale price is incredible.

12This Satin Eyeliner

Perfect for brightening tired eyes, this nude liner is the key to faking awake.

13This Lipstick Remover

Whether you stash it in your vanity or keep it in your handbag for on-the-go use, this lipstick remover comes in handy.

14This Neutral Liner

It just can't get any better than a precision liquid liner that can be purchased with spare change.

15This Cover-Up Cream

It's a creamy concealer that covers dark under eyes and hides pesky blemishes for less than a buck. What is there not to love?

16This Lip Topper

A berry red that's universally flattering, this lip tint infused with Vitamins A & E, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil for nourishment will beg for your lips to be kissed.

17This Bronze Shimmer

Just what the summer time calls for — a bronzer that delivers a sun-kissed glow.

18This Concealer

With yet another dark spot eraser that barely costs a thing, e.l.f. is truly on fire with its summer sale.

19These Pore Cleaners

Rid your pores of debris with these dual-ended applicators that have a loop tool on end to extract and a cotton swab on the end to wipe the area clean.

20These Budget-Friendly Individuals

If you've always wanted to try applying individual lashes, this is the kit for you. Just in case the experiment goes all wrong, you won't feel like you've wasted your money.


Rich in color and easy to apply precisely, this lip stain marker is a must-have.

If you aren't already logging onto e.l.f.'s site, get to hacking away at your keyboard. You've probably got enough money tucked between your sofa cushions to purchase an entire new collection of makeup from the summer sale.