Here’s How Long You Have To Try Starbuck’s New V-Day Cherry Mocha


Are you ready to fall head over Starbucks cup in love? Good news: Starbucks will be serving up a special Valentine this year beginning on Feb. 7 that will have you ~skipping~ to your nearest store. The Cherry Mocha will be lifting spirits and bursting hearts soon but, how long is Starbucks' Cherry Mocha available? Consider the creatives behind the drink at Starbucks matchmakers, because your taste buds have never met a drink so compatible. That's all the more reason to get a taste of this special mocha as soon as possible.

Every holiday season Starbucks graces us with a new menu option tailored to the essence of the season. General imagery of February brings heart shapes and boxes of chocolates to mind. It's a month splashed with pink and red. Naturally, Starbucks tapped into Cupid's spirit and whisked up a caffeinated beverage that will whisk you away.

You'll have to hop in your chariot as soon as possible to wrap your hands around a tall, grande or venti Cherry Mocha in hot, iced, or blended form. This very special, one of a kind drink is only available in participating Starbucks stores for a limited time. This is the Valentine you don't want to miss. Whether you're picking it up for a loved one, your bestie or yourself, it might be a better gift than a dozen roses.


All recipes leave out one ingredient — though some people will justify its absence as being a secret — but it's presence is felt. Love can't be picked up next to the spices in the grocery store, but it can be tasted like perfect seasoning. Starbucks doesn't short us on that with this new Valentine drink. According to a Starbucks press release, the Cherry Mocha is described as, "inspired by chocolate covered cherries, the new Cherry Mocha starts with hot espresso pour over a slightly sweet mocha sauce and candied cherry syrup, melted into a wonderfully rich concoction. We then add steamed milk and top it with whipped cream and sugar and cocoa Valentine’s sprinkles." Any beverage that is inspired by a chocolate covered fruits is bound to put you in a love trance. No need for Cupid to even be present to put you under that spell.

If a cooler drink is your preference, you have the option to order the Cherry Mocha that way. Starbucks' Cherry Mocha is available to order hot, iced or blended. And whichever way you get it, it will come freckled with the sugar and cocoa Valentine sprinkles. Which are so good they could inspire love songs alone.

If this drink already sounds like a fairytale — hello, candied cherry syrup — prepare yourself for maybe the most ~fairytale~ part of this whole concoction. Just like in Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight on Feb. 15, the Starbucks menu will return to it's normal, and consistently satisfying, menu. The Cherry Mocha will be available in participating stores Feb. 7 to Feb. 14. so it's important to get on your chariot as soon as possible to get a taste of true love.

Whether you have a significant other to share a coffee with or are mostly committed to the relationship you have with coffee, the Cherry Mocha is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate love. Forget fancy champagne and actual chocolate covered cherries. Now that Starbucks has brought the sweet Cherry Mocha — hot, iced or blended — to our attention, there's nothing better to sip on this Valentine's Day. It combines all the best of edible things to indulge in on Feb. 14 into a single cup. But it's only available for a limited time, so hop in your chariot before it turns into a pumpkin spiced latte.