Donald Trump's Speech On Afghanistan Might Cut Into Your Fave Monday Shows

Justin Merriman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Donald Trump is set to deliver a military-focused speech on Monday night to discuss his future strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia. The address will highlight a new shift in the president's modus operandi meant for Afghanistan including a possible surge in military presence overseas. As details emerge, some might be wondering as to how long Trump's Afghanistan speech will last.

The exact duration of Trump's speech is unknown so far but it is clear that he will be cutting into primetime to deliver his address from Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia. The speech is expected to be delivered at 9 p.m. EST.

The new paradigm shift in Trump's strategy is in stark contrast with his previously-held views on United States' invasion of Afghanistan. In 2013, Trump had tweeted, "Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis [sic] we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense!" However, now the president seeks a plan to bolster armed presence in Afghanistan. While speaking with defense officials in July, Trump lamented that the United States was "not winning" in the country. Earlier in August, Trump said, "I took over a mess, and we're going to make it a lot less messy."

But critics are skeptical of the new aggression in Trump's proposal. Observers, such as veteran soldiers, have cautioned against an increase in troops on the ground, citing casualties and ill-defined goals as primary reasons for an endless war in the country.

Viewers can expect several points of discussion through Trump's speech. It is possible that Trump will start on the note of amplifying American troops' presence on ground. He might also discuss a return plan, as he mentioned in July: "We’ve been there for now close to 17 years, and I want to find out why we’ve been there for 17 years, how it’s going and what we should do in terms of additional ideas."

In addition to speaking of Afghanistan, there is a likelihood that Trump may touch upon the neighboring country and nuclear power, Pakistan.