How Many Likes Do Multi-Image Insta Posts Get?

Instagram unveiled its newest feature today, giving users the options to include as many as 10 photos or videos within a single post — which means... more likes, right? Not quite. So how many likes do these Instagram gallery-type posts get, exactly? Before you get too excited about the whole thing, there are a few things you need to know.

First things first: Despite Instagrammers now being able to share multiple photos within a single post, 10 photos liked within one of these collections of photos will still equal one like — for the entire collection. So, in this sense, these gallery-esque posts work the same as any regular post, with each of your Instabuddies only being able to like it once.

Prior to this new feature's announcement, if Instagrammers wanted to post multiple times throughout the day, they'd clog up their followers' feeds. No one wants to be that person. That person is annoying. That person gets unfollowed. And it stinks that you run the risk of being that person when all you want to do is share a bunch of pics from a recent vacation or holiday celebration. (Or your dogs, if you're me.)

Instagram Stories are tons of fun and let you paste multiple clips together in a neat little video, but they only last 24 hours and don't post on your main page. These new gallery-style posts solve both of these problemsm though: Go bananas and share a bunch of memories, all within one post, that stays put on your page alongside all the others.


In your newsfeed, multi-image posts will be signified by a series of dots at the bottom, which mean you can scroll through their posts. Similarly, you can visit a user's main page and look for a square in the top right corner of a post — that's a multi-image post, too. You can expect the new feature to roll out globally within the next couple of weeks to Android and iOS users. Visit your app store to check if you have any updates.

Instagram started out as a static social media app. There was no video and users had to take care not to post too much. With every update, they create a more customizable, personal, user-friendly experience for us all.