I Only Posted Selfies On IG For A Week

For a little longer than a week, I only posted selfies on my Instagram feed. I'm not exactly selfie shy, but these types of photos certainly aren't the only thing to fill my feed. I happen to agree with the idea of selfies being a way to show self love, rather than a form of narcissism. Plus, how else are my followers going to know about my new dark lipstick? Even though I'm pro-selfie, I was very curious to see if posting only photos of my face would change my tune — or just make me more obsessed with that front facing camera.

Right off the bat, something seemingly simple and fun proved to be harder than I thought. I also realize there are probably people who put this much planning into their selfies all of the time. #Exhausting.

I couldn't resist using the #SelfieOnlyWeek hashtag as a way of letting my followers know that I was not quite as in love with myself as my selfie avalanche might indicate. I didn't want them to unfollow me from selfie overload!

Here's what happened, both psychologically and physically, when I spent a week posting only photos of my face.

1. Monday

I kicked off #SelfieOnlyWeek on a Monday with a Kylie Jenner-style mirror selfie. I had to go to a concert for work, and I dealt with a torrential downpour while having to walk a decent distance to the venue. I hadn't taken into account how the weather would impact my hair in my selfies. Seriously.

2. Tuesday

The following day, I had another show to attend.

I was easing into the selfies, and kinda liked that it gave me an excuse to show off my favorite sunglasses all the time. At this point I started to consider how many selfies I should be posting every day. Was one not enough? Was five overkill? Talk about stressful.

I also remember being annoyed because I wanted to wear layers and scarves and show off my winter layer style, but breaking in a fresh pair of Doc Martens SUCKS so I swapped them out. So the whole #OOTD element of this experiment was already being foiled.

Yeah, I was overthinking it. Every time I posted a selfie, I thought, "Am I being vain? Am I selfie-ing the most exciting parts of my life?" Wow, look at this experiment, getting in my damn head!

3. Wednesday

On Wednesday, I was having a rough day. I was regretting turning down a job opportunity and was filled with self-doubt. All this negativity made me worried for the state of my selfies. I didn't want to post a bunch of "boo hoo" or "wah wah wah" photos. So I latergrammed one selfie of my unhappy self. It was at this point that I decided I would extend my #SelfieOnlyWeek experiment.

4. Thursday

After a low day, I decided to fully immerse into this project and knew I needed to ramp it up. I stopped crossposting the selfies to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, deciding it was best to relegate the experiment to Insta, the unofficial selfie domain.

I absolutely wondered if my Facebook friends might be "over" all these selfies so I kept them off that feed. Then, I was internally concerned that my IG followers might be like, "Ugh! ENOUGH!" Then I had an epiphany: Why the eff did I care what my followers though? It's my Insta feed and I'll post unapologetic selfies if I want to. Go ahead, throw me an unfollow, bruh!

5. Friday

The mental tide turned when I realized it was somewhat fun documenting a few busy days. It was like keeping a photo journal.

While I struggled with this experiment, feeling like a social media tool, I did like how I presented myself from a fashion perspective.

6. Saturday

At this point, I was mostly trying to figure out a way to make my selfies different for the new few days. So I brought in a dog I walk!

And earmuffs!

When posting this, I remember thinking, "Yo, RiRi would wear this oversized flannel."

Hey, Snoopy!

7. Sunday

On the final day of my experiment, I went selfie crazy for good measure. This was a #WorkLife selfie.

Sharing selfie space with a dog is still a selfie, IMO. I couldn't let the dogs down so I worked them into the experiment. Titan was adopted the next day, BTW.

I even took the experiment to my dog's vet appointment. At this point, I was having fun with this experiment, being natural, unplanned, and no longer thinking too hard.

Because Chewy!

Another benefit of this experiment? I learned how much more I prefer having my brows threaded. That arch is on fleek, if I don't say so myself(ie).

I also noticed how ombre my really hair is... in certain lighting. I was truly learning all sorts of things about myself.

And I experimented with different angles.

I even started combining selfies by the end.

And by the end, I was proud to show off my makeup skills.

From #OOTD to overthinking it to loving makeup selfies, this week was a whirlwind of emotions. I usually post plenty of selfies. You know, like most humans with an Insta account. But when I made the concerted effort to post selfies and only selfies, I did kinda start to feel like a narcissistic jerk. Though I eventually talked myself out of caring what other people thought, I missed the variety of photos I usually post. When there was nothing else sprinkled in between shots of my #OOTD or me attempting my version of the Ariana Grande kissyface, it felt a little egomaniacal and overly self-indulgent. Put simply, I was uncomfortable with being so selfie-ish.

So, in the future, I'm still going to stick to a solid amount of selfies. They're fun to take, and they do give a nice boost of self confidence. I'll just go back to posting just as many videos of my dogs in between.

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Images: Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (24)