How Many New Colors Are In The Kylie Valentine's Day Mini Matte Set? There Are Six Shades Total — PHOTOS

Every time Kylie Cosmetics has debuted a limited edition, holiday-themed collection, like last summer's Birthday Edition and the silver-dipped and festive Holiday 2016 collection, the brand has launched a Mini Matte set as part of the special offerings. The Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day 2017 collection is no different. It includes a Red Mini Matte set that features six lippies in trial sizes. What colors in the Valentine's Mini Matte Set, which features red hawt packaging, are new and which are already existing?

Well, there are three brand new hues and three classic shades that have been available for a while. Apricot is new. High Maintenance is new. Head Over Heels is new. Head Over Heels will also be available as a full-sized Lip Kit in the Val Day collection. Valentine is another new Lip Kit shade, but it's available in full size, not as a mini in this set.

Still with me?

The classic shades that are now available in mini form as part of this set are Maliboo, Posie K, and Mary Jo.

So you get nudes, pinks, berries, and reds.

Let's look at the tubes and the swatches of the Mini Matte set, shall we?

The Minis, in all their dripping red graphic glory.

This caption accompanied the Mini Mattes post, confirming the shades contained within.

The Mini Mattes are totable and allow you to test out a variety of matte lippies before fully committing to a bigger size.

Plus, the Kylie Lip Kits? They. Do. Not. Budge. So you will get plenty of wear and use out of the sample sizes. You won't have to reapply the lipstick multiple times because it stays (and slays) all day. That makes the Mini Set a really good value because even a small tube will last.

The Mini Matte sets are usually quick to sell out, too. This is likely called a "Red" collection due to the packaging.

High Maintenance is a bright, mauvey- pink.

Head Over Heels is much berry-ier... or more "berryish."

The swatches are certainly enough to convince you to purchase this velvety and matte liquid lippies.

The Mini Mattes with red packaging, along with all of the other Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day 2017 products, debut on Thursday, Feb 2 at 6 p.m.ET/3 p.m. PT.

To recap regarding new Lip Kit colors in the Val Day Collection, there are four: Apricot, Head Over Heels, High Maintenance, and Valentine. All except Valentine are in the Mini Matte. Only Head Over Heels and Valentine are available as full sized KLKs with liners.

The Apricot and High Maintenance Minis are the only ones not available in full-sizes... for now.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Kylie Jenner Snapchat (6)