How 'Thor: Ragnarok' Sticks To Marvel Tradition In The Best Way

Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok ahead. Thor: Ragnarok is the 17th movie to come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so, needless to say, the MCU's ominous-sounding "Phase Three" is going well. In fact, "Phase Three" could really be code for "total world domination," because that's what it seems like the Marvel movies are aiming for, especially based on how many Ragnarok post-credit scenes there are. No, this new movie doesn't beat Guardians of the Galaxy 2's insane five scenes (which is probably a good thing), but it does have the classic two end-of-movie sequences. And these scenes are even further proof that the MCU is only going to get better.

In typical post-credits form, Ragnarok has one scene that hints at the next Marvel film and one funny scene which, you guessed it, shows Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster. Even if you haven't seen Ragnarok yet, which is out in theaters as of Friday, Nov. 3, you might already have your suspicions that the film will end unfavorably, just based on the title itself. Ragnarok in Norse mythology means "doom of the gods," so even before seeing the film you know that Thor, God Of Thunder, is bound to be in big trouble during this latest MCU film.

Like most Marvel movies, Ragnarok ends with a triumphant yet somewhat uncertain future ahead for its superheroes — though which ones exactly, I won't spoil for you here. But the post-credits scenes reveal that that future might be in jeopardy, and that Avengers: Infinity War might end up being the greatest MCU movie ever. That's because in one of the Ragnarok post-credits scenes, Thor and his fellow Asgardians are confronted by a gigantic ship, which may or may not belong to Thanos. The most important aspect of this post-credits scene isn't necessarily what happens in it though, but more what could happen after it.

At this year's D23 Expo, the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War reportedly revealed that Thor gets picked up in space by the Guardians of the Galaxy, and even if the film missed the opportunity to be called "Asgardians of the Galaxy," the teaming up of these key players could be huge. Infinity War might include more Marvel characters than ever before, and while the film isn't set to come out until May 4, 2018, it's pretty clear that it's going to be one of the most exciting movies of MCU's "Phase Three" yet.

As if the potential teaming up of Thor with the Guardians of the Galaxy isn't exciting enough, even more exciting is the fact that before Infinity War comes out, MCU will premiere the solo movie for its hero Black Panther. Remember how exciting June 9, 2017 was? The day that the Black Panther trailer first came out? Yeah, that was a huge day for superhero fans, and it was only just the start. In case you somehow forgot, Black Panther comes out Feb. 16, 2018, and based on its full-length trailer released about two weeks ago, everything about it will be incredible.

Whether or not the newest Marvel superhero will also play a major role in May's Avengers: Infinity War will likely be revealed in the post-credits scenes of Black Panther, but fans already have plenty of reason to get excited. If there's one thing that Thor: Ragnarok proves to Marvel obsessives, it's that the best is yet to come, and the two upcoming MCU films might be the most exciting ones yet. Still, Thor: Ragnarok is awesome on its own, so while we wait for the future films, this latest installment will certainly succeed in satisfying its audiences.