Selena Gomez Just Made Her Tattoo Count Even Higher

A-listers are constantly adding to their body art, but the best are the ones are the most meaningful. Selena Gomez has always been public about her ink — especially her latest design. Every single one of them has a powerful backstory to them, which makes for the best designs, IMO. How many tattoos does Selena Gomez have, you ask? Her most recent 13 Reasons Why ink brings the count up to eight.

It's no secret that Gomez has a whole collection of body ink. She's constantly showing them off to her 116 million followers, and her latest one could just be the best yet. Gomez is the executive producer of the hit Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why, which focusses on bullying in high school. Actors Tommy Dorfman, Alisha Boe, and Gomez got a tattoo of a semi-color on their wrists in honor of suicide prevention. This brings her tat-count up to 13.

During her Revival Tour, you could actually buy every single one of her designs as temporary ink. (Of course, that doesn't include her most-recently semi-colon tat.) So clearly the singer and producer is proud of her tattoos. Unfortunately, they're all sold out on the Revival Store website. Fingers crossed she adds her newest ink to the relaunch.

In addition to her semi-colon tattoo, Gomez also has a music note on her wrist, Roman numerals on her neck, Arabic writing on her side, writing on her hip, the word "om" on her hip, her initials behind her ear, and writing on her foot, according to Steal Her Style. Like I said before, she's proud of her tattoos and always is always showing them off on Instagram.

Every single one of Gomez's designs are super simply and dainty, so it only makes sense that her most recent one was as well. There's no telling what the singer will get next, but hopefully it's just as meaningful as the rest of the ink.

In a world where celebrities are getting a lot of pointless ink, it's nice to see some meaningful ones out there as well!