Here's How Often You Actually Need To Walk Your Dog Each Day

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

Few if any animals serve as a better companion to human than dogs do. Dogs are so loved they have earned the informal title of being humans' best friends. While raising a dog can be a rewarding, life-enhancing experience, it's not for everyone. Unlike other house pets like cats, rodents, and fish, dogs require A LOT of care — namely, walks. Walking your dog is a necessary part of raising it. But, do you really know how often it needs to be done? The answer to how many times a day you should walk your dog is not actually so straightforward.

According to PetMD, generally speaking dogs require 30 minutes to two hours of exercise each day. The Doggington Post suggests two 15-minute walks per day at the very minimum. If you want to balance these guidelines out with those provided by PetMD, maybe take your dog on two half-hour long walks per day if they're particularly energetic.

As dogs, like humans, are not all the same, the precise time for which a dog should be walked depends of a number of details. "Breeds in the hunting, working, or herding groups (e.g., Labrador retrievers, hounds, collies and shepherds) will need the most exercise. If your dog is in one of these groups and is in good health, she should be getting at least 30 minutes of rigorous exercise along with her 1-2 hours of daily activity," explains PetMD.

Butsince many dogs are of mixed origin, how do you handle these guidelines? Well, PetMD explains, as a general rule if you have a pup with a short, smush-y snout (think bulldogs and pugs) they require the least amount of exercise. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, as breeds like boxers are notoriously energetic. Less active and older dogs, the continue, may move more slowly and not show the enthusiasm a younger dog does for a walk, but hey still need daily exercise. You just have to be more patient with them. But, even special needs dogs with limited mobility need walks to ensure their whole body remains in shape. It may take some trial and error, but the perfect exercise routine for you (and your pup) is out there).

Even more difficult than actually taking a dog for a walk is figuring out how to work it into your schedule. Working 9 to 5 (the typical hours of a workday) isn't super conducive to making sure your pup gets enough activity.

With technology affecting almost every aspect of life nowadays, perhaps it will come as little surprise technology is in the process of offering new and inventive ways for talking your dog for a walk. Just a few years ago the internet learned of nonhuman dog walker. Using technology to walk your dog? Like with an app? Sort of. A phone can't really walk your pup, but a DRONE can.

Jeff Myers is a New York City-based videographer who discovered the overlooked capability of your run-of-the-mill drone. According to an article in PSFK, Myers one day decided to use the technology typically associated with the military, and activities such as food delivery, to take his golden retriever on a walk. Per Mashable, Myers used the machine not only to physically walk his dog, but programmed it to check in on Fido throughout the excursion. For those concerned, it is pretty easy to see the pup in question is fairly nonplussed by his robot walker.

Until drone walkers are easier to come by, though, your best bet for making sure your pup gets enough exercise is taking him or her on regular walks. Depending on your dog's breed, size, age, and abilities, the length of time that should be devoted to walks varies between 30 minutes and two hours. But, look at it not only as a chore, but as a way of bonding with your beloved furry friend.