Here’s How Mars Retrograde Will Affect You This Year, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The term "retrograde" tends to freak people out — especially as it pertains to astrology, and extra especially as it pertains to Mercury. But not all retrogrades are linked to mass pandemonium and internal mayhem — they're largely what you make of them. While all planets have retrograde motions, all retrogrades are not made equally. For instance, Mars takes over two years to make a trip around the sun, so its retrograde only occurs once every 26 months and lasts anywhere from 55 to 80 days. That makes it completely different than Mercury, which goes into retrograde three to four times each year. So try to let go of all the crazy things you've heard, and have an open mind about the other planet's retrogrades and what they can offer you. You'll want to know what Mars retrograde means for your sign, because starting in June, it won't go direct again until Aug. 27.

Astrologically speaking, Mars holds an intense power. It's the planet for desire, action, anger and passion. It's fiery and it's stimulating. So when our relation to the planet makes it appear to be going backwards in its orbit, our perception will change, too. Suddenly, after over two years of a steady flow of invigorating heat vibes, Mars will be giving us mellow simmering vibes. Because so much time goes by in between each retrograde, we feel the difference more profoundly. That said, the intense change in planetary vibes is not a bad thing. Astrologist Lisa Stardust spoke with Bustle about what each sign can expect during Mars retrograde, because not all signs will have the same experience, as they all have a slightly different relationship with the planet. Here's what she predicted:


According to Stardust, "issues with friends come to a head, forcing you to confront members of your crew." She suggests taking the time to talk to your friends individually and to be humble. Apologize if needed and remember that everyone has their own side of the story.


Stardust warns Taurus that it's time to really think about who is worth your attention in your life. She says, "re-assess what and who is of value to you. Taking stock of important people and letting the unimportant fall by the waste side." It might be hard to look at the people in your life with a critical eye, but it's necessary for your own happiness and health.


Of Geminis, Stardusts tells Bustle, "slow down! You are a multitasker by nature, as you do the job of two people all the time. You need a minute to calm your energies by relaxing this summer with meditation or yoga." So here's your permission to chill out.


Good news for Cancer, according to Stardust, "if you’re looking for a loan or an investor in your new project, this is high time to ask around. You may be surprised at how many people are willing to take a chance on your visions." So if you ever had dreams of being on Shark Tank, I guess this is your moment.


For Leos, it's time to clear the slate. Stardust tells Bustle, "it’s time to let past resentments and arguments end. While old issues may flair up in partnerships, try to use this time to forgive both yourself and the object of your affection." So let it go Leo, start fresh this summer.


This is your summer for health exploration, Virgo. Stardust tells Bustle, "new health regimes will allow you to feel better about yourself, restoring your energy and inner glow." Get your glow on!


If you're feeling that your balance is off, Stardusts suggests, "try to merge with your energies to focus less on others and more on yourself to restore balance." It's all about checking in with yourself and adjusting along the way.


Scorpios have had a wild run over the last few months. So Stardust suggests that Mars' retrograde is a great time for them to "rest up and restore power." It’s OK to relax in your pajamas and take a bubble bath and turn things down a notch, or two.


You might be craving a digital detox but now is not the time. Between work, your friends, and your family, a lot of people will be trying to get in touch with you this summer and they're going to need you. Stardust suggests that you take a deep breath before you respond to messages. Don't let yourself get too annoyed or overwhelmed before talking to someone who really needs you. Remember that it's not their fault that you're feeling stressed.


Don't book that luxurious vacation just yet, Capricorn. Stardust warns that you "think before you splurge on a new seasonal outfit or vacation. Decide if the purchase is really worth the investment and your hard earned cash." Stardust suggests that you're likely to suffer from buyer's remorse if you spend too much money this summer. So just stop, and think before adding something to your cart. Do you really need it?


According to Stardust, Mars' retrograde is going to take away your patience. She suggests "trying to slow down and not get testy with others." So just focus on getting things done for yourself, not relying on others for assistance — that way you won't have to deal with other people as much.


Stardust tells Bustle that this summer might leave you feeling unsure of yourself. You might find that you're seconding guessing yourself more than usual. Even though it's not your style to sit on a decision for too long, you'll need to take the time this summer. Otherwise Mars' retrograde will leave you with a lot of regrets that will feel hasty and avoidable in hind sight.