Glossier CEO Emily Weiss Talks Mindfulness

by Miki Hayes
American Express

Being a boss takes work. Whether managing your own life or an entire company, creating and owning your voice and perspective can be a challenge. But Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier, says mindfulness makes a difference. Weiss recently spoke on the Mindfulness in Business Panel at the American Express Platinum House x Stephanie Izard, an exclusive experience for American Express Platinum Card members.

The panel discussed how incorporating mindfulness can bring about clarity, improve focus, and drive efficiency and productivity. Weiss tells me over email that she has "become deeply interested in mindfulness, meditation, wellness, and the impact it has on how [she] makes decisions and runs the team at Glossier." And in a way, the Glossier brand and the product lineup really reflect Weiss' sense of mindfulness.

When asked on the panel how she increases her mindfulness and advises her team, Weiss explains that Glossier was founded on the idea that everyone deserves to have a voice, and puts an emphasis on self-care: "Our culture is one of really taking care of yourself ... we're redefining beauty in so many ways, and I think how you work and not burning yourself out is something that is really important to us."

Nick Tininenko/Getty Images for American Express

But in a world where it's so easy to burn out, how do you deal with the pressure? Weiss says that managing expectations helps:

We talk about being human, not super human. I feel like people get so stressed out these days, with all the work and commitments. For us, it took a moment to realize that it's all about being human ... how can we sit around the table as a team ... find a way to connect with each other and recognize that our flaws are OK.

She adds that the idea of perfection is unrealistic and damaging, so rather than constantly judging who or where you aren't, part of mindfulness is being present and "proud of who you are in this moment."

And in an industry where fuller and fuller-coverage products continue to be released, Glossier takes a more natural stance in-line with Weiss's ideas of embracing flaws and bucking the idea of "perfection."

Nick Tininenko/Getty Images for American Express

To help women, girls, and, well, everyone "realize their power and be more comfortable in their skin," Weiss says Glossier takes a "skin-first" approach. This can be seen in fun products such as the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Super serums, Balm Dotcoms, and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack face mask.

Even when it comes to makeup, Glossier aims to highlight rather than conceal natural features whether that's helping to create a feathered brow, blotted lip, or highlighted cheeks.

Because at the end of the day, even skin care and makeup is part of mindfulness. Part of being present. Part of embracing yourself. "I think this idea of self-awareness and women really realizing that they have really valid, great opinions that they can share with other women is really powerful," says Weiss. Hear, hear.

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