ColourPop's Lip Sets Are So Affordable

by Kali Borovic

Move over Kylie Cosmetics, because there's a new Lip Kit in town. Taking their fans by surprise, ColourPop Cosmetics created eight Lip Sets. While none of the colors are new to the line, there is one major reason to buy — the price. How much are ColourPop's Lip Sets, you ask? Once you see the price of this duo, you'll realize why this kit is better than all the rest.

Just this week alone, ColourPop has launch their Spring Collection, created four exclusive makeup bundles, and now they're at it again. The band has been known for their awesome lipstick and liners since the beginning of the brand, but now they're combining the two. The eight different Lip Sets have either a matte or creme Lippie Stix and matching Lippie Liner. It's a match made in beauty heaven.

Unlike other lip duos on the market, the sets also happen to be extremely affordable. According to the website, each Lip Set is $10. That means $5 per product, which isn't actually saving you any money at all. The two products are normally $5 each. The nice things about the sets are that they have corresponding colors, so you don't have to search the site to find them.

Lumière Set, $10,

You might not be able to save money with these Lip Sets, but if you act fast, you will be able to in another way. From now until Mar. 31, ColourPop is offering free shipping on all orders. There's no exceptions, either.

Boys Town Set, $10,

Like I said, none of these colors are new to the site. There's no telling how long the sets will be around though. ColourPop just recently started matching corresponding liners and lippies, so this set is pretty exciting. Basically, this is the perfect way to stock up all at one time.

Dukes Set, $10,

No ColourPop item is ever around for good. The brand is always switching up their shades and products, so I can pretty much guarantee that these Lip Sets won't be around forever. They're not limited edition though, so that's good news. Either way, you should probably just grab them now, just to be safe.