How Much Are ColourPop's New Creme Lippies & Liners? They Won't Break Your Bank

There's nothing like hearing your favorite cosmetics company has come out with a brand new product, and ColourPop's new creme lippies and liners are no exception to that rule. The small, LA-based cosmetics company has been making waves with its signature matte liquid lipsticks and amazing selection of eyeshadows and highlighters for the past several years, but the company is always coming up with new shades and formulations. So when the brand debuted its Valentine's Day collection and sneaked in new shades of its Lippie Stix lipsticks, fans were dying to know if more shades would be released

Well after a few weeks of waiting, we finally have the answer that two of the Valentine's Day Lippie Stix are going to become a permanent addition to the ColourPop collection, and the company will be releasing four new shades of the creme lip colors on Thursday. So will these new shades of Lippie Stix be as affordable as ColourPop's usual prices? How much do they cost?

Although ColourPop hasn't released the official prices for the new shades yet, it's safe to assume they'll be priced at $5 for the Lippie Stix and $5 for the liner. That's how much the Valentine's Day collection Lippie Stix went for, and I'm assuming these prices won't change with the release of the new colors.

Just look how creamy that formula is.

Aren't the shades gorgeous? They come in six nude shades, and there's one to match every skin tone.

Two shades debuted with the Valentine's Day collection (I'm Yours and Sure Thing) and four are new (Toy, Drop Top, Boys Town and Bonus Points).

I'm Yours Lippie Stix, $5,

It's safe to assume these new shades will go for the same price as I'm Yours does, so they're just as affordable as ColourPop's usual products. So set those alarms for 10 a.m. PT on Thursday — you'll want to buy these.