See Swatches Of ColourPop's Creme Lippies & Liners

by Kali Borovic

ColourPop is constantly coming up with new products, but this time they're taking a good item and making it even better. According to their Instagram, ColourPop reformulated their Lippie Stix and are coming out with six new shades to celebrate. As if that's not enough, there's Lippie Liners to match them as well. What do ColourPop's updated Lippie Stix and Liners look like, you ask? Let's just say the swatches will have you ready to shop.

When ColourPop launched their Valentine's Day Collection, they introduced a brand new Creme Lippie Stix formula that is creamier than ever. Two of them are coming back for good and they're bringing four other friends with them. According to ColourPop's Instagram, there are six new Lippie Stix on the way. Each of them are in the nude to brown family. That makes them perfect for any time of the year. Odds are they'll introduce plenty more colors in the months to come, because that's what ColourPop is known for, but this is a pretty great start.

According to their Instagram post, Toy, I'm Yours, Drop Top, Sure Thing, Boystown, and Bonus Points, along with their matching liners, will be available on Mar. 2 at 1 p.m. ET.

That's 12 new products coming your way. If you think it sounds great, just wait until you see the colors. I will warn you, you'll want to buy every single one of them once you see these neutral shades.

Ranging from subtle nudes to a deep brown, there's a nude color for almost every skin tone out there. I'd say that's a great way to kick off a new formula. Toy, Drop Top, Boystown, and Bonus Points are all brand new to the site. Like I said before, I'm Yours and Sure Thing were in the Valentine's Day Collection, and are still available on the ColourPop website.

I'm Yours Lippie Stix, $6, ColourPop

This will be the first time that the two shades will have matching liners though. IMO, this is a genius move. Before, you'd have to find the Lippie Pencil that was closest to the color, but I love that the brand is now making matching liners for each shade. The brand doesn't say in their Instagram posts, but there's no doubt in my mind that the price will stay the same — $5 for Lippie Stix and $5 for Lippie Liners.

Make sure to mark your calendars, because this is one launch that you won't want to miss! Especially since there's a nude shade for almost everyone.