Kylie Cosmetics' Holiday Palettes Are Actually Affordable So Go Ahead & Buy A Lip Kit Too

Kylie Cosmetics is getting a jump on the Black Friday shopping frenzy. Kylie Jenner is dropping the 2017 Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection on Wednesday, Nov. 22 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. The limited edition suite of products features the black packaged Naughty palette, the white packaged Nice palette, the Holiday Wet Set highlighters, the Sugar Lip set, the Spice Lip set, and a cosmetics bag. It's a fiercely focused and carefully curated collection. It's also bound to sell out instantly, since that's what happens with all of the brand's ranges.

But let's hone in on the palettes, shall we? Both Naughty and Nice feature 14 pans of eyeshadow each. The palettes are $44 a piece, so each shade averages at just over $3. It's a total value, since you can use these palettes beyond the holiday season.

The Naughty palette features sparkly and wintry white, gold, and black hues, as well as red and brown shades. They have seasonally appropriate and adorbs names like Snowball, Jingle, Unwrap Me, Hot Toddy, Coal, Mischief, and Tipsy.

The Nice palette boasts shimmery shades and a bunch of neutrals, as well as pops of color. Some of the names are Blizzard, Drummer Boy, Slay, Santa Baby, and Jack Frost.

Since there are over a dozen pans of shadow in each palette, you can customize your look every time you use it and go for months without repeating any of the color combos.

Naughty offers plenty of possibilities for a sultry, smoky, "bad girl gone badder" eye.

The shades that comprise the Nice Palette are a soft and pretty, though slightly similar to Naughty.

If you nab both the palettes before they sell out, you can mix and matte (oops... match!) colors from both, thereby increasing your unique and custom eye looks exponentially. Each palette is totally complimentary and can work in tandem. That's not an accident, either.

This year's holiday eyeshadow palette packaging is slim and sleek.

The compact palettes are totally designed for traveling, giving you a lot of color options without taking up much space in your makeup bag or your luggage. That's always a beautiful thing.

While Naughty and Nice don't come equipped with an eyeshadow brush, they do boast mirrors. Don't fret over the lack of a fluffy shader. You no doubt have a healthy supply of brushes in your repertoire that you can use with these palettes.

The holiday 2017 palettes feature eyeshadow squares, which is slightly off brand for Kylie. Previous palettes, like Royal Peach, which dropped after the 2016 holiday hoopla, hosted circular pans and nine shades.

Jenner clearly isn't afraid too flip the script and evolve with her offerings. It keeps fans guessing whenever she drops a new product, and she's not remaining consistent for consistency's sake. She's letting the makeup spirits guide her creativity.

Overall, the Kylie Cosmetics 2017 Holiday Collection is much more streamlined than 2016, which featured a fluffy white stocking, the brand's first-ever brushes, Kyliners, and several bundles. The 2016 collection also featured silver and white packaging, in keeping with the frosty climate of the season.

Some of the products from Holiday 2016 were eventually upgraded from limited edition to permanent addition. Some were "one-and-done" and never had a reprise.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the Naughty and Nice Palettes represent the new generation of Kylie Cosmetics. If you grab both of them, you end up with an new eyeshadow wardrobe and two separate palettes that will play "Nice" together for less than $100.

That's enough of a reason to log on to the Kylie Cosmetics site and scoop up each of these palettes. Your lids will thank you.