MAC Cosmetic Lip Kits Are Worth The Price

Move over Kylie Cosmetics, because there's a new lipstick duo in town. In case you haven't heard the makeup news, MAC Cosmetics now sells Lip Kits. The set comes with their bestselling lipsticks and a matching liner, just like others on the market. How much is MAC Cosmetics's Lip Kit, you ask? Let's just say that it has more than just a name in common with Kylie Jenner's makeup line.

Lip Kits took the world by storm this past year, and it looks like they're not slowing down anytime soon. Brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Jwoww Cosmetics came out with their own celebrity versions and now MAC is getting into the mix as well. It's no secret that people love the brand's lip products, but this is the first time they created a set to save there customers come money.

If you were to buy a MAC lipstick and liner separately, it would cost you $34 — $17 each for the lipstick and liner. Thanks to the new Lip Kits, you'll be able to get everything you need for a full lip look for $29. That also happens to be the same as a Kylie Lip Kit. The only difference is that you're getting a lipstick and a liner instead of liquid lippie.

MAC Lip Kit, $29 each,

There are six different Lip Kit options as of right now. The color selections are all different shades of nude. You're shopping options are Whirl & Whirl, Stone & Stone, Mehr & Soar, Honey Love & Subculture, Twig & Half Red, and Taupe & Hover. All of them are currently available as singles on the MAC site as well. There's now telling how many more they'll create though.

As of right Jan. 25, the only place to buy the Lip Kits are on the Macy's Website. That hasn't stopped fans from loving it though. Here's what people have to say about the new Lip Kits on the block.

Tears of joy.

Petition to have MAC make original Lip Kits!

True love.

I vote all of them.

So what are you waiting for? Go snag these Lip Kits while they're still around!