How Much Are The 'Gogglebox' Families Paid? The Cast Don't Walk Away Empty-Handed

Channel 4

The ground-breaking Channel 4 reality series Gogglebox has been on our screens since 2013, and viewers tune in each week to revel in the often hilarious TV critiques offered by stars of the show, the Gogglebox families. But are they paid for sitting for watching TV on TV? And if so, how much are the Gogglebox families paid? Well, it turns out that yes they do indeed get paycheques. Talk about a dream job.

An insider revealed to The Sun that the starring families are awarded a monthly allowance of around £1,500. The amount is then said to be split amongst each family member at their own discretion. In order to earn their £1,500 wage, the Gogglebox families are required to film for a total of 12 hours per week, across two six hour shifts — and in addition to the monthly pay packet, stars of the show get to enjoy the perks of the job, which include free takeaways to munch on whilst offering their opinions on the TV highlights of the week.

Stars of the Australian edition of the hit reality series, Angie and Yvie, shed some more light on the details surrounding the life of a Gogglebox star. When speaking on Who Magazine's Binge List podcast, the pair revealed that despite being given a salary, participants don't get paid much for their efforts on the show. Angie said: "Everyone has to work still. Oh god, otherwise we'd be on the streets. I mean we're on TV but we're definitely not stars because I think stars involve having lots of money and I definitely don't have that, that's for sure."

Channel 4

If you've ever fancied becoming a Gogglebox star from the comfort of your sofa, you can actually do so by contacting the production company, Studio Lambert. In previous series, aspiring Gogglebox applicants have been instructed to contact the show by emailing It seems as though that with every new series, comes new additions to the cast — so if you think you've got what it takes, you can certainly give it a try.

According to the Express, the production company seeks families who hold "strong and entertaining" opinions, and have gone out and scouted some notable cast members. Former fan-favourites of the show, Leon and June Bernicoff, were initially spotted in their local bridge club by producers before being asked to join the show. So who knows, even if you don't fill in an application form, you could still be asked to join the cast by producers.

Former cast members include Scarlett Moffatt, George Gilbey, and Sandi Bogle. Another Gogglebox standout star, who has been hitting the headlines recently, is Amy Tapper. She is currently appearing in the latest series of Celebs Go Dating on E4. The 18-year-old first appeared on the reality dating show this week during her very first date, which provided quite the awkward moment after Tapper and her date squirmed over who should pay the bill, reports Digital Spy.

So, if you see yourself as the next Tapper, Moffatt, Gilbey, or Bogle, then what are you waiting for? Why not put your family forward to become the next Gogglebox phenomenon (although I'd probably ask for their permission first).