Vegan Birkenstocks Are Surprisingly Affordable

by Rosie Narasaki

After picking a Vegan Fashion Award from PETA in Germany last year, it looks like the U.S. is finally getting their shot at cruelty-free Birkenstocks. They're available online starting Jan. 9, and in select stores in February — so, how much do vegan Birkenstocks cost?

Well, actually? Not much. While a standard pair of Birkenstocks will set you back a hundred dollars or so, the new vegan models currently available at the official online store are significantly less, priced between $29.95 and $34.95 (though more expensive styles, priced up to $110 will be added in the future).

Right now, there are only three sandals available — the well-loved Arizona, the Madrid, as well as the Rio for kids, but more will follow soon. According to the website, all three sandal styles are made from "a waterproof and lightweight synthetic material" in a one-piece molded construction. So, in addition to being cruelty-free and cost-efficient, they're also absolutely perfect for summertime and the beach.

As Birkenstock head of communications Jochen Gutzy explained to Yahoo Style, "When our customers told us that they wanted vegan editions of Birkenstock’s classic sandals and clogs, we listened ... Birkenstock was always concerned about choosing the best raw materials from natural resources. With our selection of vegan styles, we can keep taking steps closer to an even more sustainable and compassionate future."

Like Gutzy says, it's a great move for Birkenstock, and for vegan footwear in general. With cruelty-free construction becoming an ever-more important component of fashion, we can only hope that more brands will follow Birkenstock's lead.

More styles are forthcoming — as Yahoo Style reports, Birkenstock's new vegan shoes will soon be available in more styles, "with foot beds made from a soft and breathable microfiber."

Seems like vegans and non-vegans alike can officially get excited about Birkenstock's latest and greatest.