The Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender Won't Break The Bank

by Jessica Thomas

Every good makeup addict knows her toolkit isn't complete without a good blending sponge, but finding the perfect one takes time. So when news about the Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender hit the airwaves (aka Instagram), I was curious how this cult favorite brand would make its new blender stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Well I just had to take one look at the blender to see that it's definitely different than anything I've seen on the market before. Its shape is what's the most unique part about it — it has a rounded edge like a traditional BeautyBlender, a pointed tip and several flat sides that are designed to fit perfectly into the hardest parts of your face to apply makeup (e.g. around your nose, near the corners of your eyes, etc.).

So we know how the shape of the blender compares to competitors, but what about the price? The Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender is actually priced at a super reasonable $15. Considering the number of uses that this little blending sponge has, this actually sounds like a steal to me. And the shape is what makes it so versatile. It's modeled after Sigma's 3DHD Kabuki brush, so you know it's going to be amazing to use.

The shape is so cool, right? You can see how different it is better on the pink than the black (obviously).

The texture of the sponge looks like it's similar to other blending sponges on the market.

3DHD Blender, $15,

The blender doesn't go on sale until Feb. 27, but you can add yourself to the wait list on the Sigma Beauty website now. And trust me — at this price, you want to get on that wait list stat.